The 60-year-old brand’s signature Ampoule Concentrates FP continue to create flawless skin

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The 60-year-old brand’s signature Ampoule Concentrates FP continue to create flawless skin

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Ampoules have taken the market by storm in recent years. Their ability to deliver results in the blink of an eye – thanks to the extremely high concentration of active ingredients – has made them a must-have in many a beauty kit. But this innovative technology is nothing new; more than half a century ago, German skincare brand Barbor had already introduced the glass ampoules, a product considered revolutionary in the cosmetics industry back in the 1950s.


“Babor has been producing ampoules almost from the very beginning of the company’s history. The idea came from the pharmaceutical industry, where perfectly dosed, highly concentrated active ingredients were delivered via glass ampoules,” says international trainer Nathalie Fischer of the ampoules’ origin. “Dr Leo Vossen of the owning family was a pharmacist; that is why it is no wonder the idea of the small glass vials came from medicine.”

The small vials allow for precise medical formulations for individual treatments, and when used in skincare, they become ideal containers for perfect dosages of active ingredients for a single use on the face, neck and décolleté. The ingredients are kept fresh and can “traverse the skin’s barrier faster and focus on stimulating cell activity in the deeper layers of the skin”.

To prevent these magic potions for the skin from becoming contaminated, there is a sophisticated manufacturing process. Fischer explains: “Immediately before filling, the ampoules are heated to a temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius. During the filling process, they are kept sterile and immediately after filling are sealed airtight.”


Decades later, Babor’s Ampoule Concentrates FP products remain some of the brand’s bestsellers, which now include four key classifications to suit different skin types and conditions: Moist & Lipid, Anti- Aging, Pure and Sensitive.

Unless you have blemished or sensitive skin (in which case Pure or Sensitive will be best for you), Fischer recommends following their intensive multiple week treatments, starting with Moist & Lipid, which focuses on hydrating and strengthening the skin’s barriers. “Only when those components are perfectly taken care of can actives for anti-ageing take the best effect.” After that, the Anti-Aging concentrates help support elasticity and increase radiance while reducing wrinkles.


To celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary, Babor has launched the Ampoule Concentrates FP Active Night Fluid for those looking to refresh their skin overnight. Inspired by studies on human chronobiology, this new skin elixir works to facilitate the natural skin regeneration process. “During the day our skin is busy fighting environmental stresses, and at night it regenerates intensely,” she says.

Designed for nightly use, it’s formulated with extracts of black algae, black truffle and black willow. Black algae extract is known to “regenerate the dermis, the layer of skin that has a particularly high content of collagen fibres”, while black truffle can support natural collagen production and remodel facial contours. Black willow extract stimulates cell turnover and helps achieve skin renewal.

In general you can expect to feel a difference after the first ampoule, but for an even more powerful boost, the Babor Ampoule Crash spa treatments use five to 10 ampoules during a single treatment to offer incredible, instant results.