Coconut oils are aromatic and tasty, and help boost heart health too

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Coconut oils are aromatic and tasty, and help boost heart health too

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Enhance the flavours of your food by choosing tasty oils that are also good for your health, such as coconut oil. Known for being heart-friendly and its brainboosting benefits, this flavourful cholesterolfree oil is fast gaining in popularity.

Chee Seng Oil Factory, which is renowned for its award-winning Chee Seng 100 per cent Pure White Sesame Oil, also offers its products under Double Pagoda and Golden Ox. With Double Pagoda, the company actually celebrates its roots in coconut oil production as the factory was founded to extract coconut oil during World War II, when other sources of edible oil were scarce. Now, as part of its specialty range of oils, Double Pagoda also offers coconut oil.

Drawn from fresh coconuts using patented cold extraction methods, Double Pagoda’s delicious coconut oils cater to the health-conscious. A rich source of mediumchain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are easier to digest and not readily stored as fat, coconut oil contains anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties to boost immunity while protecting the heart.

Coconut oil is free of cholesterol and trans fat, and provides a plant source of saturated fats. Bottled for an easy, no-drip pour, Double Pagoda coconut oils come in three variants. The Virgin version with a mild coconut aroma is suitable for frying eggs and stir-frying vegetables; while the Extra Virgin is perfect for salads. If you have a daily tablespoon of coconut oil to boost heart health, go for the Premium Virgin Coconut Oil.