Eat Green, Live Green

In honour of World Food Day on October 16, here’s how you can start cooking, eating and living more sustainably

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In honour of World Food Day on October 16, here’s how you can start cooking, eating and living more sustainably

Embrace Your Inner Green Thumb

If having a garden at home is not possible where you live, consider starting small with a mini herb garden. Visit

Reduce Food Wastage

By tweaking simple lifestyle habits, you can lower consumption easily such as storing food in the correct conditions to ensure it keeps for as long as possible. Visit

Pay Attention To Food Labels

In order to eat more sustainably, make sure to read all food labels on the packaging and learn about the ingredients. By educating yourself about what is in your foods, you’ll be more likely to choose more sustainable options for both your health and the environment. Visit

Choose Organic And Sustainable Produce When You Can

Always try to swap out any foods you buy for an organic or Fairtrade certified option. By buying these products you are helping to support farmers and workers as they work to improve their livelihoods and communities. Visit

Live The Plastic-Free Life

Going grocery shopping? Bring a sturdy plastic bag from home, or invest in a reusable material bag to carry your items back home from the supermarket. Visit


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Did you know… that butter is not only delicious on your morning toasts and when used in baking, but it can also be a great substitute in some recipes? When a recipe calls for some type of oil in a sauce, you can substitute it with butter – the results can be surprising as this gives a creamier and more flavourful taste to your dish. Be sure to choose a quality brand, like The Weekly’s Domestic Diva award-winning SCS Butter. Available at leading supermarkets.

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The Weekly’s New Finds

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Gourmet Sodas

Healthier bubbly beverages can now be enjoyed thanks to the launch of Gusto Organic here. Hailing from the UK, it offers seven premium bottles of soft drinks and energy boosters – flavoured by spices and essential oils, and sweetened with primarily organic blue agave. At $4.80 per bottle, from

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Japanese Rice Stars

Now you have more quality Japanese rice grains to choose from when making your own bento or sushi at home. Tawaraya Rice, by Singapore’s first and only rice sommelier, Yuichi Sato, is bringing in over 10 types of premium grains from Japan. From $18 (2 kg), visit

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Snack Attack

If you are a fan of Japanese tidbits, take note as 7-Eleven has just expanded their affordable range of Japan-imported snacks with 13 new products, including two refreshing Rooibos Tea and Barley Tea. From $2, available at all 7-Eleven stores.