Krug’s latest edition is the perfect springtime tipple.

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Krug’s latest edition is the perfect springtime tipple.

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When champagne houses set about making their prestige cuvee, the purpose is to create a consistent taste year after year, one that exemplifies the winemaker’s house style. Not Krug, though. While its famous Grande Cuvee is indeed a blend of different vintages, Olivier Krug prefers to celebrate the diff erences of each year’s release. This year, the Edition 166 celebrates its exceptional freshness.

The Edition 166 is a blend of 140 wines from 13 different years, with the youngest dating back to 2010 and the oldest to 1998. It was composed around the 2010 harvest which, ironically, supplied chardonnays that were significantly lacking in freshness. But the masterful blend and inclusion of 45 per cent pinot noir and 16 per cent meunier brought harmony to the vivacious, golden wine.

Its aromas of flowers, citrus fruit, marzipan and gingerbread pave the way to flavours of hazelnut, nougat, barley sugar, brioche and honey, all of which make for a seamless pairing with aged parmesan or talbot with truffles. If you prefer to savour the wine on its own, enter your bottle’s numeric code into the Krug ID app and it will generate a dedicated playlist as part of the house’s “music pairing” concept.
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Italy’s Menabrea brewery is far older than some wineries, so trust it when it says that beer can hold its own when paired with fine dining. You may be familiar with its Bionda and Ambrata lagers, but now two of its “top restaurant” beers are available in Singapore as well: the 55 Pils and the 75 Bock. These come in 750ml bottles to be shared over meals and, despite the comparatively lower ABV, their respective hoppiness and strong malt flavour are wonderful complements to a variety of dishes. Currently available at Latteria Mozzarella Bar. 40 Duxton Hill.
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Rye whisky hasn’t had quite the revival its malted barley cousins have enjoyed in recent years, but it’s far from forgotten. The Glenmorangie Spios, which is the ninth edition of the brand’s Private Edition series, tips its hat to the American spirit by maturing in ex-rye whisky casks. Less common than ex-bourbon or sherry casks, rye imparts notes of cinnamon and clove, resulting in a full bodied and savoury single malt with a sweet and spicy finish.
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While his father, Ferruccio Lamborghini, built his empire in the automotive world, Tonino decided to branch out into just about everything else. In addition to luxury accessories and hotels, the Tonino Lamborghini brand also includes its own line of beverages, with a selection comprising red, white and sparkling wines, vodka and an energy drink, all of which are finally making their way to Singapore. The Pinot Chardonnay Extra Dry and the triple-distilled vodka are crisp and smooth, so you’ll want to leave your actual Lamborghini in the garage when you crack these open. Slated to retail at major entertainment hotspots and selected hotels by the end of the month.
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