Make an entrance this Chinese New Year with premium hostess gifts.

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Made in collaboration with the guys behind the elusive Empire Artisans bak kwa, Shangri-la’s Double Eight artisanal barbecued pork is a step up from most commercial brands’. To make this bak kwa, flavourful meat from the pork shoulder is marinated according to a century-old recipe, then slow-grilled over the low heat of hardwood charcoal to suffuse the meat with a smoky aroma. Each slice of the treat is also uncommonly thin – something that’s rarely produced by many bak kwa makers because it results in more breakage – to allow the fat from the meat to render more evenly, producing a consistently tender product. Only 3,000 boxes are available. For enquiries and orders, contact 6213-4377 or e-mail shophouse.sls@
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Up to 400 eaux-de-vie go into the blend for the Remy Martin XO, resulting in a complex, aromatic spirit chock-full of delicious flavours like plum, candied orange, with hints of hazelnut and cinnamon. This limited-edition coffret features the signature Remy Martin decanter and a miniature, all secured in a lush gold-coloured case – perfect for festive gifting.
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Mount Yibang raw pu’er is harvested from one of the “Six Great Tea Mountains” of China, where the terroir is considered excellent for tea production. Unlike young tea bushes, older tea trees have longer roots that absorb more nutrients, which in turn produces tea leaves with stronger, more complex flavours. As it hasn’t been artificially fermented as in the case of “cooked” pu’er, raw pu’er features more floral, tannic and vegetal flavours. This particular vintage boasts a great hui gan (a lingering sweetness at the back of your palate succeeding astringency) and a staggeringly long, aromatic finish. 
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The traditional Chinese New Year mandarin oranges get an upgrade with this fragrant species grown on the South Korean island of Jeju. Aptly christened Cheonhyehyang, meaning “a strong scent that wafts a thousand miles”, the fruit is roughly double the size of ordinary tangerines, and boasts lusciously juicy and sweet pulp in addition to very thin peel. There are even health benefits: The tangerine is rich in antioxidants and helps reduce high cholesterol levels.
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