Indulge in fabulous cuisine from China, France and the Middle East without leaving the country

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"Fat Prince’s Adana Kebab Tartare"


The modern Middle Eastern restaurant and bar along Peck Seah Street now boasts a more robust and exciting menu as well as a funky playlist in a larger, refreshed space that seats up to 90 guests. House-baked breads, a larger selection of mezze, and a pit-roasted section accompanied by hand-rolled couscous are among its new offerings.  The gourmet kebabs have been reimagined with new flavours and ingredients that are anything but your usual Middle Eastern fare, thanks to the kitchen’s custom-made earth oven that brings out bold flavours and produces melt-in-yourmouth meats. The revamped “koktail” programme offers a wide range of tipples, including artisanal concoctions inspired by Middle Eastern spices and flavours. Diners can opt for comfortable settee seats, the communal dining table, the open kitchen’s dining counter, or a private dining room. Visit
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"A private dining room at Yi By Jereme Leung"


Lauded as one of the most influential chefs in the modern Chinese culinary movement, Singaporean chef Jereme Leung marks his homecoming with contemporary Chinese restaurant Yi by Jereme Leung. Located on the third level of the recently restored Raffles Singapore’s Raffles Arcade, the restaurant delivers fine cuisine that takes guests on a journey through China’s diverse cultural regions. Some of the must-try dishes are the Hundred-ring Cucumber & Poached Sea Whelk with Soy Vinaigrette—a classic summer dish from the northern region featuring sliced cucumber artfully presented in a spiral—and the Golden Roasted Duck with Rose & Fermented Bean Sauce & Rainbow Pancakes, served with a house-made fermented bean sauce with hand-pressed rose extract from Dali, Yunnan. Yi means “art” in Chinese, and this attention to artistry is also reflected in the décor. Designed by Aedas Interiors, the entrance to the 111-seater restaurant showcases a pristine white art installation, aptly titled Pale Garden, that stretches nearly 27.5m. Created by Moss & Lam, the stunning display of 1,000 handcrafted and individually strung floral strands makes an awe-inspiring first impression. Visit

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Brined Duck Breast, Beef Tripe & Ox Tongue dressed with Sichuan Chilli Dressing 

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Restaurant JAG’s Ortie, Flat Bean Te Mana Lamb (left) and Chamomile, Wagyu Beef, Boudeuse Oyster with Broccoli (below)
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Located on Duxton Road, this 26-seater restaurant promises to elevate the contemporary French fine dining experience with its latest Summer menu. Dishes—inspired by the beauty and nature of the mountainsides of Savoie France—are created from 40 indigenous herbs exclusively flown to Singapore. Restaurant owner and executive chef Jeremy Gillon takes guests on a culinary journey that reveals layers of unexpected textures, aromas and flavours. Noteworthy dishes include Carvi, Aubergine, Plaice, a dish of French aubergine paired with fresh plaice skin pan-seared to a perfect crisp, along with aromatic carvi herb-accentuated fish jus. There’s also the Chamomile, Wagyu Beef, Boudeuse Oyster with Broccoli, where a dainty French oyster is paired with Australian Westholme wagyu and pickled, jellied broccoli, and a dusting of camomile powder. Choose from a three- or five-course menu for lunch, or 10 courses for dinner. Complete the experience with a drink from its impressive wine and whisky menu or a signature cocktail. Visit