Stressed-out OLs, it’s high time to check yourself into this wellness resort - we mean, festival. Good vibes only.

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"For every run ticket sold, AIA will donate $10 to the AIA Centennial Fund that goes to benefitting more than a hundred families from Children’s Wishing Well."

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. If your life sounds like that, you’re in big need of respite.

In a recent study by risk advisory company Willis Towers Watson, 60 per cent of employees in Singapore admitted to having above average or high levels of stress. We know what stress does to the body. The inflammation, secretion of hunger-inducing and sleep-disrupting hormones, weakened immunity, and higher odds of falling sick.

That’s why more people are seeking out ways to relax and unwind. If yoga, running, playing music and cafe-hopping are your idea of fun, you’d be stoked to know that the upcoming AIA Glow Festival offers all that, and more.

Happening on May 25 at Palawan Green, Sentosa, the inaugural AIA Glow Festival looks set to be the fitness and wellness event that will get you talking and thinking about for the next couple of months. With the aim of letting you reset, refresh and recharge, the festival comprises four components: Yoga, Run, Music, and Feast. Mark your calendar we are sold already.

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"Wholesome gourmet food will be at your fingertips during the event."


The festival will kick off with invigorating yoga classes led by renowned yoga teachers Laura Kasperzak, Marysia Do, as well as instructors from Pure Yoga, the official yoga partner for this event. From 8am to 4pm, back-to-back classes will be held at six different zones.

When your muscles are all warmed up and stretched out from yoga, join the 5km charity fun run at 4pm to get your heart pumping. The post-run endorphins will leave you feeling high for the final segment of the festival: music.

At sunset, the festival - housed in a cupola - will transform into a music party, featuring banging performances by headline artists like Lost Frequencies, Rudimental, Nina Nesbitt and award-winning local pop band The Sam Willows.

Coupled with light shows and dances, the enthralling acts are sure to melt away tension, make you forget your troubles (even if it’s momentarily), and lure even the most highstrung person into singing and grooving along.

In case you’re wondering about food, which isn’t a guarantee at all events, don’t. Throughout the day, expect a healthy variety of freshly prepared, wholesome food from top chefs and restaurants in Singapore.
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"American yoga teacher Marysia Do will lead a couple of classes at the AIA Glow Festival."


With yoga gurus like Laura Kasperzak (@ laurasykora) and Marysia Do (@marysia_do) at the festival, must-try classes are the High Energy Fusion Yoga ones by Laura, and Surya Namaskar H (For Handstands) by Marysia, dubbed the “Queen of Handstand”.

Also make time for the extensive range of yoga classes by Pure Yoga. We are eyeing Yoga For Runners, Partner Yoga and Detox Flow. To jazz up your practice, sign up for novel classes like Upside Down where you can learn about inversions, Budokon Yoga which fuses yoga with martial arts, calisthenics, animal locomotion and life science, and Rocket Yoga, an intensive vinyasa session. Go ahead, sweat it out.

For a more healing and meditative experience, try Yin Yoga With Singing Bowls, where you’ll hold deep stretches while being exposed to a range of sounds that are supposed to restore normal vibrations and harmony in your mind, body and soul.

Feeling tight and achy? Check out specialised classes like Hatha For Hips & Hamstrings, Yoga Therapy For Neck & Shoulder, and Yoga Therapy For Lower Back.

Families will get a shot at doing yoga together, with classes like Kids Yoga for children from age eight to 15, and Mums & Babies that’s tailored for infants and toddlers up to three years old.
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"Laura Kasperzak is well known for involving her family in her daily yoga practice."


Besides working your body during the run and yoga, engage your mind by popping into talks and workshops at the festival. They cover trending wellness topics like conscious living, conscious eating, as well as mindfulness and meditation.

Tickets are priced from SGD19 for a yoga class pass to SGD99 for an all-day pass, which includes one celebrity yoga session, entry to the 5km run and access to unlimited yoga classes. For tickets and more info, head to


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