Strength For Your Hair

Do you suffer from duller, finer, thinner hair, but still have some life left in your follicles?

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It’s nice to have hair that falls nicely into place, that is shiny, strong and supple, and has volume, making you look radiant. But not everyone is blessed with it.........

Today more men and women are suffering from thinning and balding and at an increasing younger age. Research indicates that most cases of hair problems are caused by hormonal changes (androgenic alopecia) and other factors such as genetics, stress, nutritional deficiency, frequent blow-drying, colouring and bleaching.

Just as a plant needs proper nourishment to grow and maintain health - so does your hair. And healthy hair starts at the root. HAIR-PUSH and HAIR-PLUS is the complete hair care system with a unique blend of bioactive nutrients formulated to care and nourish the roots of fine, fragile or damaged hair - inside and out - helping it becomes stronger and more vibrant! 

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Hair-Push Capsule

Is a nutritional supplement that contains natural biological active elements needed by the body for hair to stay fit, shiny, beautiful and healthy. Working from within the body to nourish it from the inside out, giving you fuller, thicker, more vibrant hair and returning health and vitality to the hair follicles.

Golden Millet has been used for generations in traditional medicines to treat hair problems, such as thinning hair, brittle and dull hair, split ends and premature graying.

Combined with other important ingredients such as sulfur-amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc, it provides positive results on hair and nails aspect! 

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Hair-Plus Scalp Treatment & Hair Root Activator 

Combines specific minerals, wheat proteins, vitamins, mucopolysaccarides and herbs that provide optimum benefits to promote healthy scalp and follicle vitality. It also provides a rich supply of biologically active silicon.

This formula also has nourishing and protecting effects that help fortify healthy hair follicles to prolong their life span resulting in stronger hair. 

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Hair-Plus Hair & Scalp Shampoo 

Is a specially formulated cleanser with the optimal pH of 5.5 that gently cleanses and moisturises the hair thoroughly and soothes the scalp. So gentle that it permits daily use.

Containing a mixture of bioactive and nutritional factors thus infusing vital nutrients and moisture deep into the cortex of the hair to strengthen and protect. 

Regular hair growth is a cyclic process, taking place in three stages:

Anagen Stage: The active growth phase of hair, it grows at 1 cm per month for 2-6 years.

Catagen Stage: During the resting phase, hair growth stops, detaches itself from the bulb (blood vessels that supplies it with essential nutrients).

Telogen Stage: In the transition/ regrowth phase, mature hair is loosely anchored to the hair follicle. Hair shedding (eg. during combing or washing) usually occurs during this stage as also during the natural process where new hair pushes out the old hair and the growth cycle begins all over. 

Factors affecting hair health and hair loss include genetic predisposal, problems with blood flow to the hair follicles, hormonal imbalance, certain diseases, unbalanced or extreme diet and severe anaemia as a result of iron or vitamin B12 deficiency.

Lack of essential nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins and minerals interfere with the immune system and the central nervous system, causing e.g. depression, anxiety, and stress with such consequences for hair health as defective hair structure, strength and colour, impaired growth and shedding.

Research findings over the last decade show that hair loss and damage are reversible, and in many cases can be stopped by proper supplementation with various nutrients.

There is no scientific proof that any product (except certain registered medicinal products) or service can retard hair loss or promote hair growth. 

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