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Warm Filipino hospitality and genuine care sets a trip for health and wellness apart from the rest.

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A Place to Heal

The Philippines is known for its beautiful, unexplored islands and beaches, its spectacular landscapes and seascapes, its rich marine biodiversity and colorful culture and tradition. But just as alluring is its renowned approach to holistic health and wellness. A dream combination of mother earth’s natural bounty, global expertise and modern facilities is immediately attractive. But what sets the country apart as more unique is the genuine care that Filipinos extend. Those always warm smiles complete a total transformation of  mind, body and spirit, making any wellness trip a memorable and more fun experience.

In this modern fast-paced world, stress is inevitable. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has dubbed stress the “Health Epidemic of  the 21st Century.” So much so that people seek retreat to gain new inspiration; undergo a makeover to feel better; seek havens that will refresh their mind and spirit. Nowadays, people become more conscious of  their inner and outer selves and indulge in experiences that transform the total self. That is the reason why the Philippines is welcoming everyone to be part of  their wellness journey — a fusion of  medical, aesthetic, dental and wellness services.

Wellness Offerings

Wellness journeys in the Philippines provide a blend of  unique Filipino modalities deeply rooted in the country’s rich healing traditions and programs focused on maintaining physical health and rejuvenation set in an environment that is naturally welcoming and nurturing like nowhere else in the world.

The country boasts of  numerous wellness resorts complete with accommodation facilities, holistic wellness, pampering and dietary programs. Likewise, an array of urban and city spas offers one-ofa-kind pampering experience in the comforts of hotel setting or modern spa facilities.

At the core of  all these offerings is the Philippine Hilot, the country’s iconic massage or healing modality that can be found in more than seven thousand islands of  the Philippines. Characterised by deep-tissue thumb, finger and palm massage techniques, highly intuitive Hilot therapists use banana leaves to detect imbalances in the body and virgin coconut oil for the massage. This unique capability allows the highly skilled HiIot therapist to tailor a massage to suit guests’ specific needs.

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Dental Care

The Philippines is where Asia wears a smile. It is also one of  the happiest countries in the world. As such, Filipino dentists are committed to providing patients with a very positive experience. They provide proper patient education and ensure that each dental care experience is personalised and exceptional. Share in the smiles that have captivated millions of  tourists around the world.

Medical Services

When patients seek medical services, they look for four major considerations: 1) Expert medical professionals, 2) Latest technology and facilities, 3) English-speaking professionals and 4) Value-for-money procedures. Here in the Philippines, we offer it all with one important addition: Our defining Filipino genuine care.

Major hospitals offering medical services for travel patients hold international accreditations, welltrained, globally-competitive medical professionals, and state-of-the-art medical facilities that cater to many different medical needs. To top it all, these services are far more affordable compared to many other destinations. Indeed, the Philippines is a mustvisit destination for a vibrant, fun and exciting way to stay heathy and beautiful inside and out.

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