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Enjoy intercourse without pain. MonaLisa Touch is a painless treatment that revitalises your vagina area so you can get lucky again.

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Enjoy intercourse without pain. MonaLisa Touch  is a painless treatment that revitalises your vagina area so you can get lucky again.

As a woman sex is a big part of your life. It shapes how you feel about yourself. So when you start experiencing vaginal discomfort such as dryness and burning, which can happen during menopause or after child birth, you can feel like you’re losing a part of yourself and your relationship with your spouse.

The main cause is often vaginal atrophy, an inflammation of the vagina due to the thinning of the tissues, as well as decreased lubrication that are caused by a lack of reproductive hormone oestrogen. Now it’s possible to relieve the symptoms with no pain, minimal side effects and in just a few minutes.

MonaLisa Touch is a painless and minimally invasive laser treatment to tackle vaginal atrophy and menopause-related problems in and around the vagina. After just one to three sessions, it’s been proven to make moderate to severe painful intercourse due to menopause more comfortable. And unlike other oestrogen-based treatments which can cause uterine cancer, gall bladder diseases, and increase your chances of getting heart attacks, strokes or dementia, MonaLisa Touch is safe even for women who have undergone treatment for gynaecological cancer. MonaLisa Touch is the first to be approved by the international medical community, US FDA and Health Canada. 

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Ask the doctor

Dr James Lee, an obstetrician and gynaecologist at Astra Women's Specialists, shares about the laser treatment.

How many singaporean women experience painful intercourse?

Dr James Lee: “About 40 percent of women who delivered recently experience painful intercourse due to vaginal atrophy. Over 75 percent of post-menopausal women in their 60s will also show symtoms of vaginal atrophy.”

Why do women lose interest in sex after childbirth?

Dr Lee: “Between 25 – 80 percent of women who recently gave birth reported poor sexual function. This could be due to the persistent unfavourable hormonal environment that leads to a loss of collagen and thinning of the vaginal walls which can cause discomfort, itchiness and sting during sex.”

Isn't vagainal lubricant or pills enough?

Dr Lee: “The holistic treatment of vaginal atrophy is to restore the vaginal skin cell function. Natural vaginal lubricounts have high mucoid (mucus-like) contents which many women find unsatisfactory as it's not easily synthesised. There's also the fear of cancer and the need for long term use that deter women from taking oral hormones.” 


Dr Lee: “MonaLisa Touch is Monalisa Touch ® is one of the most studied laser systems and proves to provide long-lasting effects on the vaginal skin. It can be used on women of all ages who suffer ® from vaginal atrophy as there is no pharmological or hormonal agent involved, and thus cause no short or long term side effects. Importantly, MonaLisa Touch has no down-time, and can quickly restore a healthy vaginal environment.”

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