Pamper Your Hair

The best treatments that’ll give your hair and scalp a new lease of life.

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The best treatments that’ll give your hair and scalp a new lease of life.

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Best Hydrating Treatment for Dry Hair (DRAW)

The Parlour A Hair Salon Kevin.Murphy Treat.Me Moisture Treatment, $120 for 60 mins. Website:

Nourish your scalp and add shine to dry, damaged locks with this soothing treatment that incorporates a blissful massage in between.

Botanics Creation Hair Studio | Hair Spa Hydra Intensive Treatment, $238 for 120 mins. Website:

This hydrating treatment combines natural ingredients and oxygen mist therapy to revive and restore softness to dry, frizzy or colourdamaged hair.

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Best Nourishing Treatment for Damaged Hair

Beijing 101 Herbal Hair Revitalising Treatment, $158 for 2 hours (including consultation and analysis). Website:

Give your hair and scalp a nutritive boost with this regenerative treatment that also has anti-ageing effects. Our tester loved the head massage that went with it!

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Best Strengthening Treatment for Brittle Hair

PREP Luxe Olaplex Hair Restoration, $120 for 75 mins. Website:

This three-step treatment includes an advanced steam machine to protect, enrich and strengthen damaged locks.

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Best Hue-Enhancing Treatment for Dyed Hair

Chez Vous Enrich & Glow Hair Treats, from $185 for 45 mins. Website:

Revive the intensity of your dyed or highlighted hair colour with this reparative treatment that, according to our tester, also leaves hair feeling softer, lighter and smoother.

Best Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

ClearSK DrScalp Laser Hair Infusion, $256 for 60 mins. Website:

Designed to boost hair regrowth at the roots for mild to severe hair fall conditions, this twin treatment program uses lasers of specific wavelength to awaken hair follicles, infuses nutrients and repair damaged scalp tissue.

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Best Volumising Treatment for Thinning Hair

Kimage Volumising Hair Treatment, $140 for 60 mins. Website:

Boost the volume of thinning hair as this treatment cleanses your hair and scalp of impurities and build up, then uses a Hydro/Scalp machine to soften hair follicles.

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Best Thickening Treatment for Fine Hair

The Sloane Clinic Hair Maximizer Program, $3,478 for 60 mins/session. Website:

This luxurious program includes 12 sessions of Revage 670 Laser to rejuvenate and strengthen weak scalp and fine hair as well as 12 sessions of Revitascalp to infuse nutrients into your tresses and epidermis for fuller-looking hair.

Best Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment

Trichokare Hair Fall Prevention Treatment, $138 for 2 hours. Website:

Combining expert input with premium European botanical extracts, get a personalised treatment custom-fit to your ageing hair and scalp concerns and promote hair density and strength.

Best Purifying Treatment for Oily Scalp

Svenson Corrective Deep-Cleansing Scalp Treatment, $90 for 60 mins. Website:

Get healthier hair with this treatment that first assesses your scalp condition before using advanced technology to reduce inflammation and purge excess sebum, build up of impurities and clogged pores that cause oily scalp.

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Best Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Chez Vous Amplified Scalp Treats Version II: Blizzard No More, $140 for 30 mins. Website:

Combat dandruff or flaky scalp with this purifying treatment that effectively exfoliates the epidermis to soothe and restore your scalp to a healthy, balanced state.

Best Scalp Detox

Botanics Creation Hair Studio | Hair Spa Clarifying Scalp Therapy, $238 for 120 mins. Website:

Using a combination of essential oils, lymphatic massage, oxygen therapy, even the most delicate and sensitive scalps will feel soothed and deeply cleansed.

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Best Soothing Treatment for Sensitive Scalp

PHS Hairscience Botanical Bliss Therapy, $288 for 60 mins. Website:

This scalp-calming treatment uses ultrasound waves to lift dirt and dead skin from your scalp, oxygen therapy to unclog pores and a detoxifying wash to remove impurities that cause sensitive scalp.

Most Opulent Hair Spa

PHS Hairscience Aroma Indulgence Hair Spa Therapy, $328 for 150 mins. Website:

Sit back in a massager chair and pamper your tresses with premium grade, all-natural ingredients to nourish and enrich your hair and scalp. Our tester almost fell asleep!

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Best Speedy Hair Treatment (45 minutes or less)

Salon Vim Texture Smooth Double Hair Treatment, from $280 for 30 minutes. Website:

Designed to last twice as long as regular treatments, this intensive treatment works to replenish nutrients to strengthen and nourish dry, damaged, weak and colourtreated hair.

Best Styling Service

PREP Luxe Director’s Vintage/ Themed Styling, $140 for 60 mins. Website:

Get a custom ‘do by experts with this specialized styling service tailored to meet all your party and event needs.