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Here’s how to feel your best throughout the work week.

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Here’s how to feel your best throughout the work week. 

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Singaporeans are known for being emotionless workers weighed down by stress. even though it seems true and it is probably impossible to be happy all day every day, you can still keep your drive burning by focusing on ways to stay motivated at work. it all boils down to the little things, like how your desk looks or how well you slept the night before. These simple tips will guarantee an amazing work week. 

Get a good night’s sleep 

sleep is essential to a productive day ahead with as few hiccups as possible. introducing a before-bedtime routine that helps you unwind works wonders in ensuring a restful night ahead. Try sitting by your dresser and going through your night-time skincare routine while listening to calming sounds or music. or if reading is your jam, go ahead! Just remember to switch off the lights when you start feeling really sleepy, and ensure the room is dark before you call it a night. 

Turning your phone off a good hour before hitting the sack is also advised as studies have shown that exposure to the blue light emitted by devices can disrupt your natural circadian rhythm and affect sleep. 

Power walk to work 

One way to fire up your energy before work is to get your heart pumping. Try walking for at least 15 minutes before your bum hits the office chair to rev up your metabolism and give you an energy hit before starting the day. 

You can also take the stairs instead of the lift. if this seems daunting, start slow by climbing just one flight on the first day and gradually adding more as the days pass. Before you know it, it’ll be part of your routine, and you’ll burn extra calories, too. a win-win situation! 

Clear your mind 

Work is no place for negativity. even if a million things went wrong in the morning, and you have to sit at the lobby and take a few deep breaths or have a private pity party in the toilet, keep all your anger and frustration out of the office. 

Being clear-headed before entering the office will mentally prep you for the day. create daily to-do lists and write down your goals. This readies your mind to achieve them and will instantly motivate you to get on with the tasks at hand.

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Have a clean desk 

A neat working space is reflective of a calm and collected mind. our surroundings have a deep impact on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness. file away what you need and discard what you don’t. Decluttering will not only boost your productivity, but make you happier as well. 

Having plants are also a good way to keep yourself motivated. Being around greenery gives you a chance to reconnect with nature, and this naturally lowers stress levels and calms you down. cacti or fake plants work just as well, especially if you don’t have green fingers. 

Listen to music

Music is known to have a myriad effects on our mind and there are actually playlists on youTube designed to help you focus and concentrate. plug in your earphones and let the music work its magic better as you block out any external noises. Tip: avoid soppy, sad songs at all costs. 

Stay hydrated 

Your oxygen levels will increase when you drink water, which in turn boosts energy levels and keeps your mind sharp. having a face mist to spritz on every now and then will also keep you awake and protect your skin from the undesirable effects of constant exposure to air-conditioning and the lack of sunlight. Keeping your eyes moist will also keep you awake. as you get sleepier, your eyes become drier. refresh them with eye drops whenever they start to feel gritty. 

Stretch during and after work

After all those uninterrupted minutes of complete concentration, take a break and stretch. simple stretches will do. The aim is to release the tension in your back, neck and hands. Don’t forget to wiggle your fingers as well. after work, make it a point to do deeper stretches at home to relax your mind and body before climbing into bed. Keeping a clear head is key to staying happy and motivated both in and out of the workplace. 

Leave work where it belongs 

Often, we feel more tired than ever because we bring work home with us when we find it hard to leave behind emotional stressors that have accumulated in the office. always try your best to resolve any negative emotions before you leave the workplace. Then, you’ll have more time to yourself to rejuvenate your senses and get you ready for a new day! 

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