Getting enough rest is important for your well-being, and that starts with choosing the right mattress that offers sufficient support.

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Getting enough rest is important for your well-being, and that starts with choosing the right mattress that offers sufficient support.

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Do you find yourself exhausted from having to choose from such a wide selection of mattress types on the market? You might also be unsure about the mattresses and their various materials. European Bedding sheds light on one of the most popular types of material used for mattresses – natural latex.

What is natural latex?

Natural latex is a material made from the milky sap of rubber trees. It conforms to your body shape and provides excellent back support and spinal alignment for many years to come, as it is elastic, resilient and durable.

How is organic latex different from natural latex?

More than just natural latex, organic latex are sourced from plantations, which do not use pesticides. European Bedding, which carries organic latex mattresses, explains that this material is free of harmful chemicals.

What are the benefits of sleeping on a natural and organic latex mattress?

Because your body has natural curvatures, it is important to use a mattress, such as natural and organic latex ones, that can follow the shape of your body and yet still provide the support you need. This way, you are ensured restful sleep, and are able to recuperate efficiently overnight.

Choosing a mattress that does not provide proper support will cause uneven pressure distribution resulting in body aches and discomfort, due to poor blood circulation and pressure points build-up.

Why are latex mattresses especially suitable for use in Singapore?

The tropical climate in Singapore results in high humidity, which allows mould and bacteria to thrive. As latex is a naturally anti-dust mite, anti-mould and antibacterial material, you won’t have to worry about allergen issues. It has excellent breathability, too, so heat does not get trapped in the mattress, offering you a cool, restful sleep experience.

What’s more, European Bedding’s latex mattresses come with removable and cleanable covers, so you can wash out perspiration and stains from prolonged use, making it an extremely hygienic option.

My partner tosses and turns in bed, and this affects my quality of sleep. What should I do?

Buy a latex mattress; latex does not transmit movement easily from one side to the other, so you might not even feel it when your partner moves around in bed.

Still not sure if latex mattresses are for you? Try one out first, before deciding if you want to invest in it.

At European Bedding, you have a 100-day free trial to change the density of your mattress. Or, if it doesn’t suit your preferences, you can even get a refund.

With all its products designed based on European technology, European Beddings’ quality is guaranteed.

Find out more about its range of latex mattresses at its cosy showroom at 32 Eng Hoon Street, Level 2, and

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