A Sleeping Mask Every Night

The intense overnight hydration pumps moisture into your skin, so you can ’gram #iwokeuplikethis with feeling.

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The intense overnight hydration pumps moisture into your skin, so you can ’gram #iwokeuplikethis with feeling.

You can use a leave-on overnight mask every night. In fact, you should. The reason is simple: Everyone’s skin needs moisture. And no one’s skin gets enough of it.

What does an overnight mask do? It gives your skin a big moisture boost, so it looks healthier, plumper and more radiant when you wake up. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Don’t stick to the same one every day. Use what best fits your concern for that day. Besides moisture, the new masks have added bonuses, such as firming or calming effects. So, a firming mask if you have a special event the next day. A brightening one for added glow. A calming one to soothe redness or splotchiness. Some of these masks can replace your night moisturiser, saving you a step in your beauty routine. – KT
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These can replace your night moisturiser:

1 SK-II Overnight Miracle Mask brightens and smooths. The gel mask deeply nourishes skin and fights dryness. $140 for six single-use capsules

2 Chanel Hydra Beauty Hydrating Oxygenating Overnight Mask makes skin look fresh and radiant. Let the gel-cream sit on your skin for two minutes, then massage it in. It transforms into water droplets as you do so. $128

3 Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask promises immediate firming. It has a whipped-cream texture. Use up to five days in a row, skip the next two days, then repeat. $90

4 Canvas Rose Otto Overnight Intense Moisture Mask is said to help skin renewal, which is good after a laser treatment or facial. Use it as you would the Kiehl’s mask, with a break after five days. $112.90$170.80 Use after your night moisturiser:

5 Shiseido Waso Beauty Sleeping Mask recharges skin so it’s dewy and glowing the next day. $60 6 Caolion Magic Black Powder Rejuvenating Mask brightens and reduces redness. You can use it every night if your skin is normal or dry, and twice a week if your skin is oily. $65