Korean luxury brand Sulwhasoo applies the know-how from its top-of-the-line anti-ageing range to its latest cushion foundation.

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Korean luxury brand Sulwhasoo applies the know-how from its top-of-the-line anti-ageing range to its latest cushion foundation.

At the mention of “holistic beauty”, we often think about eating healthily, living well and having a good skincare regime. But it shouldn’t stop there – caring for your skin also includes using makeup that helps improve its condition. As a brand that takes pride in its holistic approach to beauty, Sulwhasoo is no stranger to the idea of caring for skin through all avenues, including makeup. For this purpose, it has come up with the Perfecting Cushion Intense foundation.


Perfecting Cushion Intense contains a key ingredient, red pine extract, which is also in Sulwhasoo’s premium Time Treasure skincare range. In traditional Korean medicine, red pine is cherished for its powerful restorative and fortifying properties. It’s taken Sulwhasoo 50 years of research into medicinal herbs to identify the benefits of the red pine. By energising skin and boosting its repair functions, red pine extract is believed to speed up the renewal of aged and damaged skin.

Tests by the brand showed that skin treated with red pine extract registered a 50 per cent improvement in damaged areas compared with untreated skin. Wounds were “filled in” with new cells, resulting in plumper, firmer and smoother skin with less-obvious lines and wrinkles. That’s not all. The Perfecting Cushion Intense packs in other ingredients that contribute to a healthier, younger-looking complexion. Plum blossom extract – which is almost twice as effective as vitamin C – delivers antioxidant protection and brightening benefits. And the product has more than double the amount of hydrators like glycerine, compared with Sulwhasoo’s earlier cushions, for a stronger hydrating boost.


While skincare ingredients like red pine extract work to improve skin from within, other elements in the Perfecting Cushion Intense help enhance it instantly on the outside. After extensive studies on light and optics, Sulwhasoo created the Radiance Pearl Powder Complex, which lends a silky, pearl-like glow to skin. The foundation’s nourishing, ampoule-like texture belies a comfortable and lightweight finish.

This is a result of Watercolor Technology, which disperses colour pigments in water instead of oil for a smooth, even application. It also provides medium coverage to conceal flaws and blemishes without caking. Even the cushion’s accompanying puff is a one-up from regular varieties. Embedded with fine micro fibres, it is designed to deliver thin but even and effective coverage for wrinkles and enlarged pores. It’s simple to use, too: Slide and brush the puff over and around the nose, under-eye areas and nasolabial folds, then lightly pat it in to set it. It comes in seven Asian-friendly pink- or yellowtoned shades.


Sulwhasoo offers two other cushion foundations for different needs.

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Perfecting Cushion

• Stays colour-true for up to 12 hours.

• Full coverage that helps conceal blemishes, fine lines and all imperfections.

• Contains five hydrating herbal extracts to help increase skin’s natural moisture level.

• Has apricot kernel oil to improve skin elasticity and arbutin to brighten.

• UV protection of SPF50+/PA+++.

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Perfecting Cushion Brightening

• Light coverage with a sheer, dewy effect.

• Delivers an instant brightening effect through the Pearlescent Complex, which comprises mother-of-pearl powder, synthetic pearls and a highly refractive oil.

• White magnolia-blossom extracts and liquorice purifying water fight dark spots and uneven skin tone.

• A polysaccharide derived from white ginseng treats sallowness so skin stays radiant all day.