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Defy gravity, smooth fine lines and sculpt your face effectively and with little fuss, using tried and proven methods at Astute Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic.

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Defy gravity, smooth fine lines and sculpt your face effectively and with little fuss, using tried and proven methods at Astute Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic.

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Gone are the days when skin-tightening and face-lifting meant the surgeon’s knife, acute pain or long recovery periods. With improving technology throwing up new treatments ever so often, a growing pool of options is accessible to those looking to address signs of ageing with less risk and hassle.

Astute Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic, opened in October 2017 and helmed by medical director Dr S Reddy, offers a wide range of treatments considered to have good track records for safety and efficacy. Some are non-invasive, others minimally so, but all have been tested and put through strict evaluation by the clinic.

Whether you desire a V-shaped face, more defined features or smoother skin, Astute Medical Aesthetics’ technological know-how and understanding of Asian features can help you achieve your beauty goals, often in an hour or less. The best part: You won’t emerge appearing “done”, simply refreshed and more youthful-looking.

Here are four of its most sought-after facialcontouring treatments.


If your chin area is beginning to sag, the Nefertiti Face Lift offers a quick, relatively painless solution. Named after the ancient Egyptian queen admired for her beauty, this treatment involves injecting Dysport – a brand of botulinum toxin – for a more defined jawline that doesn’t blend into your neck. The effects last around six months.


One way to beat the natural effects of gravity or achieve a V-shaped face is through Silhouette Soft Threadlift. This treatment uses ultra-fine threads inserted under the skin to subtly lift the jawline, cheeks, eyebrows or neck. It also stimulates collagen production to replenish volume. The procedure – done under local anaesthetic – has a low risk of scarring, and the threads get absorbed by your body over eight to 16 months, so you don’t have to commit to permanent changes to your facial features.


Our skin loses collagen as we age, leading to a dip in volume, elasticity and firmness, so facial expressions easily develop into wrinkles. To counter this, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers or Ellanse (a soft medical polymer filler) can be injected into the undereye hollows, forehead and cheeks to replenish volume and fill out frown lines, crow’s feet and nasolabial folds. When placed well, these fillers can accentuate your jaw, nose, and cheeks for sharper features, achieving a very natural remodelling effect that can last from several months for hyaluronic acid fillers and up to four years for Ellanse fillers.

To enhance skin elasticity and volume, Ulfit Hifu Skin Lifting taps into advanced ultrasound technology to treat three key layers of the skin without damaging the surrounding areas. It is said to involve only mild discomfort as it tightens tissue and accelerates collagen production to give your face more volume and an effortlessly sculpted look – no contouring palettes required.
Medical director Dr S Reddy.
Medical director Dr S Reddy.
Astute-Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic is at #01-08 Tembeling Centre. For more information, call 6581-9633 or visit
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