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These products from Hoyu make colouring your hair convenient, easy and affordable.

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These products from Hoyu make colouring your hair convenient, easy and affordable.

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Whether you want to give your hair a brand-new look, get rid of greys or just touch up your roots, Hoyu has a range of DIY hair-colouring products to help you get the right effect.

For: Fuss-free application and less wastage

Try: Cielo Cream, $17.90

The improved formula comes in a special bottle dispenser – simply press the button to release the non-drip formula onto the special comb-brush. There is no troublesome premixing involved and you have complete control over the amount dispensed for your needs. The product contains ingredients like marine collagen, amino acids, and grapeseed, eucalyptus and evening primrose oils, which nourish and moisturise your hair. Best of all, you can save the cream leftover in the bottle for your next touch-up. Available in six shades.

For: No-mess colour application

Try: Cielo Mousse, $17.90

Cover up greys or get a completely new hair colour with this soft mousse. The pre-packed mixture is contained in an interesting bottle dispenser. Just shake the bottle 20 times to mix the product and press the button to release the non-drip mousse precisely where you need it. There is no massaging required as the colour penetrates your hair quickly and evenly. Choose from 10 shades.

For: Super-fast and consistent results

Try: Cielo Milky, $16.90

When you are strapped for time, this product gives you great results, fast. Cielo Milky comes with a multi-angle comb applicator that enables you to apply the mixture smoothly from any angle, even from the bottom up. You don’t need to worry about drips and spills. The product is enriched with nourishing and illuminating ingredients for rich and vibrant colour.

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