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Policy coverage is subject to terms and conditions.

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Policy coverage is subject to terms and conditions.

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AIG Singapore’s Premier Client Solutions offers comprehensive coverage for your personal collections. The policy:

• Protects against property damage or loss, regardless of cause.
• Allows damaged property to be repaired or replaced with new items.
• Offers reimbursement at cost without depreciation in value.
• Offers worldwide coverage for contents, and valuables damaged or lost outside of the home.

• Has customised limits for treasured valuables.

The Elite Auto Plan offers greater coverage for high-value vehicles, including:
• Real-time SMS updates during claims services.
• Coverage outside Singapore.
• No impact on No Claims Discount for flood or windstorm losses.
• Personal accident cover for everyone in the car.
• Car lock and key replacement due to break-in, robbery or theft.
• Optional add-on for unlimited loss-of-use cover.
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