Reduce the look of dark spots.

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Reduce the look of dark spots

The frustrating thing about dark spots: as soon as one fades, another seems to surface. That’s where Clinique’s new and improved Even Better Clinical Radical Dark Spot Corrector + Interrupter comes in. The concentrated serum is suitable for all skin types.

It uses a patented CL- 302 Equalizer Technology to weaken the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, salicylic acid to gently slough off the uppermost layers of skin, and yeast extract to break up large clusters of pigment into smaller particles so they’re less visible.

The “interrupter” part refers to keeping skin calm and helping it better resist darkening. This is achieved with Gyokuro extract, which helps quell irritation. A self-assessment of 101 women revealed that 93 per cent saw dark spots reduced over four weeks. For best results, apply twice a day, followed by moisturiser and sunscreen (for daytime use).

Available in two sizes ($150 for 50ml and $115 for 30ml) only at the Clinique Flagship Store in LazMall ( 
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Get baby soft skin

Rejuran has long been a favourite for anti-ageing beauty treatments. Derived from salmon DNA, it is bio-compatible with humans and helps improve skin texture, firmness and elasticity. It’s typically injected using a manual technique that involves needle pricks 2cm apart, with around 200 injections needed to cover the face and neck area.

Now imagine the benefits without needles, pain, and a long downtime. That’s what homegrown medispa Illumia Therapeutics promises with its Needleless Rejuran procedure. The US FDA-approved treatment uses Skinelectroporation (SEP) to increase skin’s absorption of Rejuran by up to 17 times. The electrical pulses feel like “gentle pokes” and do not break the skin barrier, so there’s no risk of infection. 

For more information, visit Illumia Therapeutics at #05-12B Wheelock Place, tel: 6454-5465, or Whatsapp: 9656-5464; www.
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If you love high heels, you might have to deal with the problem of bunions, the bony deformity that forms at the base of your big toe. While they can be hereditary, bunions are also caused by ill-fitting shoes such as stilettos, which tend to squash the toes together. Left untreated, they can affect mobility, with severe cases requiring traditional open surgery. There’s hope though.

Dr Kevin Koo, director and consultant orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon at The Bone & Joint Centre, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, offers a minimally invasive procedure to remove bunions. He says he does between eight and 15 such surgeries a month, each taking less than two hours. According to Dr Koo, it leaves little to no scarring, is less painful, and has fewer wound complications as compared to traditional open methods. Patients are given special post-op slippers to wear for six weeks. 

Call 6970-5905/9898-7781 or e-mail drkevinkoo@ for enquiries or to book an appointment.
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Restore your crowning glory

The causes of hair loss are varied, from stress to childbirth and even diet changes, which is why finding innovative solutions is key. Papilla Haircare’s S.E.P Activator hair loss treatment targets these woes without needles and pain. S.E.P stands for scalp electroporation, a US FDA-approved procedure that helps the scalp increase its absorption of active ingredients, such as botanical cell extracts and hyaluronic acid, by up to 17 times. The treatment is suitable for those with Alopecia Type 1 (general thinning) and Type 2 (patchy hair loss) issues, from early to advanced stages. It’s even been recommended by doctors for hair transplant patients to improve transplanted hair survival and recovery.

For more information, visit Papilla Haircare, #05-25AB Ngee Ann City, tel: 6465-4565 or Whatsapp: 9154-4519;