Pigment, Tokyo, Japan by Alvin Soon

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Pigment, Tokyo, Japan by Alvin Soon

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Warehouse Terrada’s CEO, Yoshihisa Nakano, was inspired to build a store that would preserve and develop Japan’s pigment tradition. With more than 4,200 pigments, 600 paintbrushes, 200 antique ink sticks and 50 kinds of glue, Pigment is the premier store for the East Asian art geek.

Pigment brings traditional painting tools, made by small manufacturers from all over Japan, under one roof. There are ink stones made before the Cultural Revolution in China, Boku- Undo Sumi ink made by the old Nara Shop, and Kumohadamashi paper by Iwano Paper, a kind of paper that has been in use since the Meiji period.