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DNA testing makes Intelligent Fitness’s comprehensive health package individual specific

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DNA testing makes Intelligent Fitness’s comprehensive health package individual specific

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If the ‘everything in moderation’ tactic has left you falling short of your health goals, but you’re exercising and eating clean, it may be worth looking into other factors which could be hindering progress. Intelligent Fitness’ (IF) ‘If Nothing Else Works’ programme takes an individual approach where clients undergo DNA testing, with the option for further analysis surrounding stress levels, sleep patterns and hormone balance, for an all-encompassing perspective for the best results. 

The SNP Analysis (single nucletoride polymorphism) is done through a cheek swab, which is sent to IF’s partner lab at Louisiana State University. The DNA is extracted and the sample transferred to a sequencer where researchers validate results and produce a personalised report, a process which takes roughly a fortnight. 


Richard Clow, founder of IF Studio and certified in personal training, sports massage, sport psychology and nutrition for health and fitness, then offers an in-depth consultation to explain results. According to mine, an ideal exercise breakdown would consist of 60 per cent high-intensity workouts, such as spinning, Tabata or interval training, versus 40 per cent steady aerobic work like Pilates, flow yoga and weight training. 

My gene marker analysis identifies this as the ideal blend based on my physiological response to exercise, to blast the fat I tend to carry in arms, chest, thighs and hips. Interestingly results reveal that for my body type, daily workouts are unnecessary to lose weight.  


In terms of diet, the Pro12Pro gene reveals my body’s adaptability to ‘lifestyle trends’, or fad diets. As it turns out, consistency should be key for me, and the best way to avoid confusing my system. The ADRB2-27 gene measures sensitivity to glucose, insulin response and the degree in which glucose is used for energy, which thankfully exhibits a normal uptake, which means that my body handles carbs well. No complaints there. 

The breakdown of my ‘ideal plate’ would be split into 40 per cent carbohydrates, 35 per cent protein and 25 per cent fat (for weight loss, but 30 per cent for maintenance). The gene marker test displays dietary sensitivities at a glance, which for me seems to be fat, as my homozygous proline variant means weight loss can be challenging, although on the upside, lipolysis, or my ability to burn fat looks efficient, provided I adhere to the right exercise plan. In short, I will see the effects of diet and exercise, or lack thereof, quickly. 


To complement the diet and exercise portion, Dr Justin P Gregory, a national- level athlete with a doctorate in the field of cognitive and evolutionary science, believes supplements can offer additional support. Being made aware of your DNA variation allows one to maximise their potential. 

For example, my results suggest that it could be beneficial to take crave control supplements like Tyrosine and 5-HTP to stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonin and decrease cravings. For optimal health, polyphenols could also be useful in preventative care by keeping fatty acids at the correct oxidative state. For weight loss, BCAAs provide support for those seeking lean muscle mass, while L-Carnitine helps boost fat metabolism and energy production. 

If diet and exercise alone have not produced satisfactory results, it is possible to test further, for everything at IF from heavy metals, to food intolerances and heart rate variations – and they also offer a macro-precision meal delivery service. The third member of the team is psychologist and stress counsellor Pascale Bertoli who specialises in acute stress and burnout, workplace and interpersonal conflict, life transitions and domestic relations, should the issue stem from emotional pressures. After identifying your goal, the experts can work together to tailor a plan specific to your needs.