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It’s easy to forget to care for the scalp until hair loss problems surface. Give your scalp a deep-cleansing and nourishing boost with Kimage’s Fusio-scrub treatment. This decongests hair follicles by removing dirt, oil, sweat, pollutants and chemical residue using a customised, essential oil-infused scrub blend. Ridding your scalp of impurities provide a better environment for hair growth, so you can achieve the shine and bounce of healthy hair. 

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Give your skin an overhaul: restore that rosy radiance, improve skin texture and tighten skin contours with the Neogen Plasma Lift skin renewal treatment at SW1 Clinic. It uses plasma energy to send consistent and controlled heat into deep skin layers to stimulate collagen synthesis and remodelling to lift and tighten skin. Said to be safe even around the eyes, this can also help to reduce the look of scars and pigmentation. At $1,070 on 
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The perfect home coffee machine should offer several options for your java. It should allow you to steam milk and create froth effortlessly, and make cleaning a breeze, too. And that’s why the Bosch Vero Barista 600 stands out. It also offers five cup size adjustments. It’s equipped with an intelligent heater to make sure your coffee’s taste and aroma comes through every single time. At $2,188, from UnserHaus Experience Centre, and Bosch Flagship Store on Lazada.
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Unwind to a cuppa for any occasion with Yeo’s Fusion Tea – blends of premium tea bases enhanced with fruit and floral nuances. These ready-to-drink brews contain little to no sugar, and are light, smooth and fragrant. It comes in elegant blends including the floral Chrysanthemum Pu’er Tea, refreshing Lychee Pu’er Tea and soothing Red Date Black Tea. At leading supermarkets. 
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Cleaning floors is often a two-step process that involves mopping and sweeping, but not with Hizero F801. The cordless all-in-one floor cleaner fuses vacuuming and mopping in one unrestricted experience, allowing you to clean thoroughly in half the time. You'd also save water as it cleans a 1,076 sq ft-area with only one litre of water in eight minutes. At $799, from departmental stores and specialised home appliance stores.
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The skin around the eyes are the biggest tattletales of premature skin ageing. Look less tired and fresher with the first-ever eye serum to combine argireline and eyeseryl, Est.lab Optimalift A+. Eye Repair Capsules This promotes skin elasticity, minimises the look of puffiness, keeps skin moisturised and leaves it radiant. 30 volunteers who have used the capsules twice a day over 28 days reported a 55 per cent reduction in look of wrinkles after seven days of use. At $156, from Estetica Beauty Salons and

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