Get the glowing skin you’ve always wanted with the new EVERSOFT Skinz Hydra Nature range.

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Get the glowing skin you’ve always wanted with the new EVERSOFT Skinz Hydra Nature range. 

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Hands up if you want the coveted glow Korean celebs seem to sport so effortlessly! We sure do, since a flawless and radiant complexion is a hallmark of beauty. Start your journey to dewy, luminous skin with the help of the latest hydration range from Eversoft. 

Developed and made in South Korea, each product in the EVERSOFT Skinz Hydra Nature line works to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier to prevent moisture loss and keep it protected against harsh environmental aggressors. And here’s the good news: it does all this while using a cocktail of natural, botanically-derived ingredients which means you won’t be putting harmful chemicals on your skin. 

The key ingredient in the range is bamboo extract water from fresh bamboo leaves from Damyang in South Korea. The leaves go through a continuous extraction system that’s maintained at 50 deg C for over 72 hours to ensure all toxic materials are safely filtered out without compromising the efficacy of the distillate. The result? Bamboo extract water that’s chock-full of nutrients like amino acids, polyphenols and vitamins to soothe and moisturise skin. 

Besides bamboo extract water, the hydrating skincare range also includes a patented formulation of natural ingredients (INFLAX™) like persimmon leaf, liquorice, opuntia coccinellifera and morus alba bark extract to fight free radical damage for a healthier mien. 

Five products make up the EVERSOFT Skinz Hydra Nature range, starting with Nourishing Cleansing Foam that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin while still being able to effectively remove all traces of dirt. Next, pat on Hydrating Toning Water that forms a protective shield over skin when applied to lock in moisture. 

Follow with Revitalising Essence, which is the star product in the line, and made with 13 natural plant oils to plump your complexion, improve skin elasticity and lessen the appearance of wrinkles. Seal in the goodness of the essence by layering on Moisturising Emulsion. 

At night, apply Radiant Lullaby Pack to boost skin’s restorative properties while you sleep. Use this as an intensive night cream or apply a thicker layer to use it as a sleeping mask. Either way, it’ll grant you a deeper sleep as well, thanks to the added lavender essential oils. 

The EVERSOFT Skinz Hydra Nature range ($18.90-49.90) is now available at leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, selected beauty stores and online at Qoo10 and Lazada. 

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