OptiBac Probiotics For daily wellbeing

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OptiBac Probiotics For daily wellbeing 

Our bodies contain friendly bacteria called probiotics, but stress, environmental exposure and other factors can deplete them. When your body’s probiotics level is off-balance, it can negatively affect your digestion, immune system, skin and even your energy and mood. 

Need a probiotic boost? Try OptiBac Probiotics For daily wellbeing. Formulated with six different strains of good bacteria, each capsule provides your gut with 5 billion live microorganisms and 88mg of FOS fibres. The capsules do not require refrigeration, and the strains of bacteria have been proven to survive stomach acids so the live cultures can reach your gut and restore the flora balance. 

With no added sugars, artificial flavourings or colourings, this supplement is a good solution for those who are lactose intolerant or looking for an alternative to sugary yoghurt products. Just a note: speak to a doctor first if you have any questions regarding probiotic supplements, as this is not intended to prevent or treat any medical conditions. 

OptiBac Probiotics For daily wellbeing, $32. 

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Besides being good for your gut, probiotics are also essential for good vaginal health. OptiBac Probiotics For women contains two specific strains of bacteria—Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14® and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1®—that can help to reduce the number of harmful bacteria and yeast in your vagina. 

OptiBac Probiotics For women, $32 for 14 capsules, $55.30 for 30 capsules.