Meet The Wardrobe Heroes

Complement your existing closet with these confidence-building investment pieces that promise plenty of mileage

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Work It Out

The next time you shop for new work outfits, invest a bit more in a well-tailored blazer and watch how the perfect fit can automatically increase your confidence tenfold. Pieces like silk shirts, wrap skirts and cargo pants lend a sense of romance that helps feminise your look, and a lightweight coat can always pull double-duty as a dress.
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The Bare Necessities

When it’s styled properly, these minimalist pieces can make maximal impact. Look for pieces that flatter your figure, like an asymmetric skirt that gives you mile-long legs or a top that barely skims your curves.
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Modern Romance

Think of modern-day romance as less “damsel in distress”, and more “strong female character”. Whether it comes in the form of a go-everywhere dress, a flouncy skirt or a ’40s-inspired blouse, today’s idea of romantic dressing is to also find accessories that juxtapose the frills with a sense of toughness. Cue the leather boots and hardcore bling!