Make this festive season extra sparkly with the brightest stocking stuffers everyone will treasure BY AARON KOK

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Make this festive season extra sparkly with the brightest stocking stuffers everyone will treasure BY AARON KOK

As you begin making your shopping lists and sorting out your dinner parties, it’s also time to consider the important people in your life, and focus on finding them gifts they will love. Whether you’re buying something that you know your sister will treasure, or need a last-minute present for a friend’s party, Pandora’s new Christmas range has all the options.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional icons of the festive season, Pandora’s charms are rendered with familiar yuletide icons. This includes adorable prancing reindeers, teddy bears in Santa costumes and even the North Pole Express loaded with wrapped presents.

For something more ethereal, look to Pandora’s Christmas In Space collection, which takes the idea of a white Christmas to galactic heights. Think shimmering star motifs, which when set against a blue background recall the beauty of the night sky, as well as images of playful astronauts and interstellar objects, rendered into delightful pieces of jewellery.

There’s plenty here that will make perfect presents for the special people in your life. So with the help of Team Weekly, we’ve put together a gift guide of Pandora’s pieces for you to tick off your Christmas shopping list quickly!

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Senior Features Writer

"My mother has been a pillar of support and strength during my pregnancy, so this Christmas, I’d like to give her something she can wear and feel glamorous with."

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Earrings, $149.

STYLE TIP: A medium-sized pair of earrings will add effortless class to any look. Perfect for days when she needs to add extra oomph to her outfit.

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Digital Lead

"My best friend Joy has been there for me through thick and thin and she inspires me to be a better person, so I want her to have something extra special this Christmas."

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Chain, $69; and pendant, $99.

STYLE TIP: Given the size of the pendant and the dainty chain, this necklace can be worn with other necklaces, yet the eye-catching colour of the pendant makes it stand out.

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This mesh Pandora Reflexions bracelet offers up a tasteful way of wearing jewellery to work. If you’re looking for something to give that one colleague who always has your back, start with a Reflexions mesh bracelet and choose a few charms to create a unique gift.

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Reflexions bracelet, $129; and clip charms, from $59.

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Charms, from $99 each.


Your girl will appreciate something that’s fun and a little cutesy, so get her these little Bella Bot companions for her Pandora bracelet. Every time she looks down at them, she’ll think of you!

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Necklace, $249.


Mum will love this elegant necklace, and thanks to the classic nature of its design, you can be sure she’ll be wearing this a lot. Just imagine how beautiful she will look this Christmas with this around her neck.

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Rings, from $129 each.


Show some sisterly love with these pretty stackable rings – she will appreciate how it makes accessorising a nobrainer. Plus, you can always borrow her rings to wear – win!

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Account Director

I’m going to start buying and keeping charms for significant events in my baby daughter’s life, so that when she’s older, she’ll have a ready selection of accessories she can wear everywhere. Plus, I can’t get over how cute that reindeer is!

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Moments bracelet, $129; and charms, from $69 each.

STYLE TIP: A charm bracelet is something that every woman will appreciate at any age. These traditional Christmas-themed charms add an extra dose of festive joy.

All jewellery from Pandora.