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Fringes aren’t just bang on trend – they’re an easy way to instantly take 10 years off your face.

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Fringes aren’t just bang on trend – they’re an easy way to instantly take 10 years off your face.

From disguising forehead lines and crow’s feet to lifting your cheekbones, the fringe is easily the new facelift (no knives required). Plus, they’re inexpensive and can help frame and soften your features. Here are four flattering, youthful ways to work a fringe:

Sideswept Lift

Best suited for round faces, this style creates height and definition to enhance your cheekbones. It also has a face-lengthening (hence, slimming!) effect and blends in well with the rest of your hair, so it’s the safest option if you’re not committed to making the cut. Check with your hairdresser which side will best complement your features.

TIP: Start blow-drying from the roots, and aim the dryer towards the side of the parting.

Blunt And Bold

This look is perfect for someone with a longer face or thin locks as it gives the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Brow-level bangs also help accentuate your eyes! However, those with a round face shape may want to avoid this heavy-set style as it tends to weigh down your look.

TIP: Using a vent brush, blow-dry straight out then press it against your forehead until cool. For thinner hair, you can consider using a hair roller for that curled-in look.

Light And Feathery

Also known as “see-through bangs”, this wispy cut is a great way to ease into the trend. It can soften angular features, elongate round faces and more, making it versatile and suit virtually all face shapes. Whether you wear it middle-parted, sideswept or simply straight down, make sure it ends at or below the brow so it’s easier to style.

TIP: Run your fingers through it while blow-drying, as this helps it set more naturally.

Bardot Bangs

Inspired by the iconic Brigitte Bardot, a middle-parted curtain fringe like Penélope’s is ideal if you have a square-shaped face. Besides helping to soften harsh corners, it also works to elongate the face by drawing attention to and accentuating the jawline, cheekbones and eyes.

TIP: Blow-dry one side at a time, starting from the roots and then flicking hair away from the face from the mid-lengths until the ends. This helps your bangs sit perfectly.