Suffering from dark circles? Give your overstrained eyes some TLC with these easy solutions.

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Suffering from dark circles? Give your overstrained eyes some TLC with these easy solutions.

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What’s truly to blame for your dark undereye circles? Lack of sleep is usually singled out as the main culprit, but genetics and bad lifestyle habits can also lead to discolouration under your eyes. Staring at a smartphone or computer screen is part of our daily routine, but this can strain your eyes and cause those dreaded eye bags to appear. Find out the root causes for dark eye circles, and learn six easy ways to help you say goodbye to panda eyes – for good!

1 Sleep Well

Getting some decent shut-eye goes a long way in helping to brighten dark eye circles. Not getting sufficient sleep can lead to poor blood circulation, causing bluish shadows to appear under your eyes. It’s recommended that adults get eight hours of sleep per night to recharge for the next day, and give our eyes some much-needed rest.

2 Work It Out

Exercising outdoors can work wonders for your eyes, as looking at greenery helps them recover more quickly from strain. Being outdoors also means you’re away from air-conditioning, which can dry out your eyes. Besides stimulating blood circulation, exercise also boosts your skin’s restorative process, brightening your peepers.

3 Banish UV Damage

UV rays can damage the skin, and cause pigmentation under the eyes. In sunny Singapore, it’s especially important to care for this sensitive area, so protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses and a hat. An overnight treatment mask like the ORBIS Hot Eye Refre Pack, also helps repair UV-damaged skin. The saxifraga extract in this restorative gel effectively lightens pigmentation by suppressing melanin production and repelling excessive melanin. The Hot Eye Refre Pack also tackles under-eye dullness caused by poor blood circulation and ageing. At $33 (25 g).

4 Cut Back On Screen Time

Most of us are constantly glued to our smartphone or computer screens, leading to strained eyes. Reduce the amount of time spent looking at a screen by going devicefree two hours before bed; use this time to listen to music, chat with your family or read a book or magazine in a well-lit room.

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5 Eat Right

Improve your eye health by introducing more superfoods into your diet (see ‘Superfoods For Your Eyes’). Brighten your eyes with the ORBIS Blueberry Grape Extract oral supplements, which contain eyeboosting extracts from blueberries, grape seeds, and marigold. At $32, for 40 capsules.

6 Massage Your Eye Area

To ease eye strain, take a small pearl-drop sized amount of the Hot Eye Refre Pack and apply on the top and bottom of your eye area. Gently smooth the gel out from the inner to outer corners of your eye. Formulated with a warming agent, this gel delivers a pleasant warming sensation to relax your eyes after a stressful day. Supplement this routine with the Blueberry Grape Extract, to boost your eyes’ overall appearance and health.


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These wonder foods and nutrients will also help keep you bright-eyed and glowing with health.

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The ORBIS Blueberry Grape Extract is made from wild Nordic blueberries, which contain 35 per cent of powerful antioxidant anthocyanin. It protects eye capillaries, improves blood circulation, and prevents eye disorders.

Grape Seeds

Also found in the Blueberry Grape Extract, these contain beneficial compounds like proanthocyanidin, which prevents eye ageing, and a-linolenic acid from perilla oil, which reinforces eye nerve communication. They’re also rich in beta-carotene, which transforms into vitamin A in your body.

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This edible flower contains lutein, which absorbs harmful UV rays to protect the retina and prevent eye diseases.