Fashion brands and video games collaborate on clothing that feeds nostalgia in a digital age.

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If you’ve ever played – and been hooked on – The Sims, chances are you’ll be smiling as you look back on the days when you had so much free time on your hands, you could afford to manipulate the lives of tiny little virtual people. Moschino has recently collaborated with the life simulation video game, acknowledging both how nostalgic we get when we think back 20 years to our youth, and also how The Sims is here to stay in popular culture (they’re now onto The Sims 4, if you’ve lost count).

An entire collection of ready-to-wear items and accessories merges Moschino’s colourful, devil-may-care aesthetic with iconic motifs from the game. You can deck yourself in entire outfits (right down to your handbag) that are pixellated. A swimsuit features the plumbob, which is the green diamond that floats above your character in The Sims. And, if your body isn’t quite as youthful as your mind still is, no matter – there are also phone covers featuring the iconic Freezer Bunny.
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Looking like something that’s part hiking shoe and part dried squid, the chunky bejewelled Sega sneaker by Gucci is the kind of footwear that is more likely to appeal to millennials than to the people who actually grew up with Sega consoles at home.
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Give your suit- and shirt-filled wardrobe a shot in the arm with one of the graphic Street Fighter (pictured) or Monster Hunter T-shirts from Uniqlo. The former was launched in April, but the latter is hot off the press, celebrating 15 years of the role-playing game.