Using state-of-the-art, world-class facilities, Novena Bellagraph aesthetics is the latest player that’s looking to up the medical and wellness game in Shanghai and the world. 

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“Become antifragile, or die.” These words were uttered by Taylor Mason, a central character in the hit US TV series Billions. But while the rhetoric is fictional, the idea behind it is attributed to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a real-life professor, who discusses the antifragility concept in his book Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder.

Essentially, antifragility is the concept of embracing volatility and improving because of it. “Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better,” writes Taleb.

But, what does antifragility have to do with Novena Bellagraph Aesthetics – a new luxurious medical and wellness facility that’s slated to open in Shanghai at the end of 2020?

To answer that question, you have to first understand the radically different mindsets of the facility’s three founders – cousins Terence and Nelson Loh (pictured) of Novena Global Lifecare, and Evangeline Shen of ultra high-end jewellery brand Bellagraph Group. “We don’t see healthcare as a reactive service, but as a personalised whole life journey to extend not only the longevity of one’s life, but improve the quality of it as well,” shares Nelson Loh, executive chairman of Novena Global Lifecare Group

To that end, Novena Bellagraph Aesthetics is collaborating with Swiss luxury spa brand Clinique La Prairie on customised medical skincare as well as preventative, rejuvenative and anti-ageing treatments. It’s a field Clinique La Prairie, founded in 1931, has extensive experience in.

Befitting the uber-exclusive nature of the clinic, there will not be any a la carte treatments here. Instead, customers will have treatments and services specially customised to meet the current as well as future needs of their skin.

All this is possible because of the team’s extensive investments in artificial intelligence (AI), which have allowed the clinic to roll out a first of its kind smart learning algorithm that can analyse a customer’s skin, recommend procedures and even remember his or her favourite beverage.

It doesn’t just stop there either. Novena Bellagraph Aesthetics is also building a host of other amenities, including private spa areas, a dining hall serving delicacies prepared by Michelinstarred chefs, a basement car park giving guests direct access to personal suites, and even a helipad. They will also able to bring along friends and family to enjoy the facilities while they’re having procedures done.

The icing on the cake? The facility was designed by Parisian architect and designer Bruno Moinard, whose body of work includes the beautiful Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris and the Dorchester in London.

Novena Global Lifecare’s CEO Terence Loh adds: “Today’s distinguished travellers are not just looking for experiences. They are also looking for transformational experiences. Time has become much more valuable than money. We don’t want guests to have to decide between dedicating time to their health or pleasure anymore. The strategic decision for Novena Bellagraph Aesthetics’ launch in Shanghai is to ensure accessibility and exclusivity to Asia’s finest.”

Operating on a membership basis with a maximum of 200 individuals, each membership is priced between US$150,000 (S$ 216,206) and US$200,000 annually. At the time of writing, this has been oversubscribed.

Already said to be a radically different approach from other medical and wellness facilities, there are in fact no other similar establishments in the world. The world is already starting to see this longevity concept as the future of health and wellness.

For the founding cousins, they’ve already built it. It’s called Novena Bellagraph Aesthetics and it’s antifragile. 
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