A good month for whisky lovers as the Scotch industry’s master of oak kicks off a brand new series with a powerful limited edition

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A good month for whisky lovers as the Scotch industry’s master of oak kicks off  a brand new series with a powerful limited edition

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Non-age statement whiskies have been catching on for a while now, and perhaps the most ardent supporter of ditching the numbered label is The Macallan. Following in the footsteps of its 1824 series and, more recently, The Macallan Rare Cask, the distillery is releasing a new oak-forward range that begins with the Edition No. 1. 

Every year, a selection of casks will be chosen to create an Edition as a way of showcasing the brand’s distinctive – and extensive – oak styles. Eight casks, which include a mix of European and American oak from four cask suppliers in Spain, were selected to create the No. 1. The result is a powerful 96 proof whisky with the colour of honey, a nose of dried fruit and flavours of spices, ginger and toffee. 

At $215 per bottle, this is one of The Macallan’s most accessible limited editions, but you should know that the liquid it holds is not. The flavour profile is bold and unyielding, and will reward only seasoned palates looking for something with real character.

Available at The Oak Cellar, #B1-51, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

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Those who understand the allure of Japanese whiskies and the accompanying difficulty of obtaining them will likely have heard of Iki Shouten, a year-old online whisky boutique with a slant towards Japanese whiskies. The company will be expanding its selection this year to include rares such as a Singapore-exclusive Laphroaig 24 Years, and will also provide private whisky masterclasses, either at your home or its showcase bar, The Belljar.

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While the idea of five ordinary amateurs giving their input on what should go into a customised blend of whisky may sound like a recipe for disaster, the John Walker & Sons Signature Blend programme promises to hold your hand the entire way. This invitation-only blending session starts at $260,000 and blenders will walk home with 50 bottles of 750ml capacity. The tasting session that will determine the liquid that goes inside each one can be held in either Singapore or Scotland, and involves a blender taking you through 40 different samples. Each tasting group can accommodate only five people, and they will guide the blender after each round to craft a Signature Blend everyone can unanimously toast to. 

By invitation only. Contact Diageo at 6511-9393 for more information.

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