Blending the DNA of Hublot’s MP and Big Bang series gives rise to a (rather) wearable Masterpiece.

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Blending the DNA of Hublot’s MP and Big Bang series gives rise to a (rather) wearable Masterpiece.


Hublot’s MP (i.e. Masterpiece) collection has always shown off  the manufacture’s crazier side, with its timepieces featuring needlessly complicated movements inside complex, oversized cases. The Big Bang MP-11 this year continues the theme, but comes ready for crossover appeal by straddling both the MP and the iconic Big Bang collections. This particular reference has a 3-D carbon case (more on this below) holding the HUB9011 movement, which packs a 14-day power reserve thanks to seven barrels arranged in series. Winding the watch by hand may take a while; Hublot has included an electric Torx stylus that should make winding up the watch a little easier.


The Big Bang MP-11 has taken Hublot’s Big Bang case and kept its familiar shape, but modifi ed it in various ways to make it truly worthy of its MP designation. Note how the bezel and crystal have a pronounced ridge to accommodate the stack of barrels that gives the watch its extensive power reserve, or how the case middle is sapphire to allow the movement to be admired. The case itself uses ultra-light and resistant 3-D carbon, which is produced by weaving the carbon fibre threads in a three-dimensional pattern first. This explains its unique surface patterns, which typical carbon composites annot create, as they are composed of stacked two-dimensional sheets of woven carbon fi bre instead.


At 45mm, the Big Bang MP-11 isn’t terribly oversized, but still feels chunky due to its thickness and the ridge on the top of its case. Its carbon composite construction, however, makes its 90g feel light, and the rubber strap helps to maintain this feeling. But be warned: a watch of this calibre demands an equally outsized personality to pull it off.


Manually wound Hublot HUB9011 movement with 14-day power reserve


45mm in 3D carbon, sapphire (case middle), and PVDtreated titanium (caseback)


$115,900; in a 200-piece limited edition