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Make collagen supplements a part of your daily skincare routine with Imedeen.

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Make collagen supplements a part of your daily skincare routine with Imedeen.

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The odds are against us. While the skin has a natural defence system, the constant exposure to environmental pollutants such as UV rays, exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke, and lifestyle stressors like a lack of sleep, irregular mealtimes and hectic work hours can be too much for it to handle. These elements damage the skin’s DNA, and lead to premature ageing, resulting in sagging skin, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. To help the skin combat these factors, you need an all-round solution.

Just as a healthy body needs regular exercise and a balanced diet, beautiful skin also requires an inside-out approach to maintain it.

Based on 25 years of research, Imedeen oral skincare supplements – purportedly the world’s most-studied supplements – are said to trigger and boost collagen production in the skin to improve the appearance and quality of skin from the dermis. As this dermal skin layer sits between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissues, creams and lotions cannot get to it.

Imedeen’s researchers developed an exclusive ingredient called Biomarine Complex, a natural fish extract rich in moisture-binding polysaccharides and skin health-enhancing proteins, that can work in the dermis.

This ingredient is believed to increase cell turnover, as well as collagen production by hydrating and nourishing skin from within, so it is also better able to retain moisture for optimum function.

If you have been piling on skincare products and are not seeing results, then it’s time to look beyond topical salves. Complement your existing skincare regime with Imedeen oral supplements. Combining Biomarine Complex with antioxidants, the skin supplements are said to improve your complexion when consumed daily.

My Reading Room
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Your skin has different needs at different stages in your life. Here’s how to give it the best possible support against key signs of ageing.

Fabulous 30s
Your skin’s natural support system – made up of collagen and elastin – starts to break down. Fine lines and spots begin to surface as well. Imedeen Time Perfection supplements help to forestall these changes with Biomarine Complex, vitamin C, zinc, and an antioxidant plant extract that combines tomatoes and grape seeds.

Gorgeous 40s
From your 40s, skin loses underlying fat, which makes your face look sunken in, and fine lines develop into deeper wrinkles. Age spots and dehydration also become more visible. Imedeen Prime Renewal supplements are said to lift skin beautifully with Biomarine Complex, vitamins C and E, zinc, and extracts of white tea, tomatoes, grape seeds and camomile.

Imedeen products are available via www.prettyhealthy.sg and at Guardian, Watsons, Unity Healthcare and other leading pharmacies. To find out more, go to www.imedeen.com.sg.