Put your best face forward at any age with Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic’s targeted treatments to enhance your looks.

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Put your best face forward at any age with Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic’s targeted treatments to enhance your looks.
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Dullness, sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles – these nagging signs of ageing can really mess with one’s confidence. Luckily, hope is just a clinic trip away.

Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic, a boutique medical and laser establishment, provides sound, comprehensive care in a discreet environment. Using FDA-approved machines and the latest in Korean technology, its customised noninvasive treatments target various concerns.


The Dewy White Skinbooster is said to minimise the early signs of ageing with stabilised pure hyaluronic acid in the form of a soft gel that’s introduced under the skin’s surface via microinjections that lock in moisture, and instantly boost radiance and firmness.

The treatment is an upgrade of regular Skinbooster treatments, with added vitamin C and other nutrients for plumped-up, clearer, fairer and more luminous skin. To speed up healing, the clinic provides unlimited postcare therapy over the next seven days.


You would be perfect for the Power Lift programme of Ultherapy and V-Face treatments. According to medical director Dr Rachel Lim, they give you the ultimate non-invasive facelift with minimum downtime.

With Ultherapy, high-intensity ultrasound energy is directed deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen production, and is said to firm skin as well as lift and sculpt sagging features, like loose jowls and a turkey neck. You should see results right away, with more obvious improvements – said to last up to 18 months – over the next three to six months.

V-Face treatments are done with a medical-grade radio frequency device that encourages collagen production, making your skin appear taut all over or just in the eye or neck areas.

Treatment prices at Ardmore are as follows:
• Dewy White Skinbooster, $699 per session, with seven days’ unlimited post-care therapy
• Power Lift Programme, from $600 per session
• Ultherapy, $489 per area

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Dr Rachel Lim, medical director of Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic

Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic is at #06-01A International Building, tel: 6734-6531. Log on to for more information.

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