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The top treatments you could do with pronto when your skin craves a little extra help or a shot of pampering.

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The top treatments you could do with pronto when your skin craves a little extra help or a shot of pampering.

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Eu Yan Sang Facial Acupuncture From $82 for 45-60min

Based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) principles of internal balance and energy flow, facial acupuncture is used to tackle a range of skin woes, from dullness and wrinkles to eye bags, dark circles and blemishes. The TCM idea behind this is to not only treat the visible problems, but also the health issues (such as a weak immune system, stagnation of qi, or deficiencies in certain organs) that cause them. It starts with a detailed consultation with the TCM physician, followed by the actual acupuncture treatment where ultra-fine needles are inserted into selected acupoints on the face and body. After the needles are removed, the session ends with a gentle facial massage.

At selected Eu Yan Sang TCM clinics. Visit http://sg.euyansangclinic.com for more information.


Shiseido Future Solution LX Yutaka Treatment – Ultimate Brightening $180 for 60min

Dull, dry and congested skin is a common problem, whether the cause is a beach holiday, a high-stress lifestyle or simply sluggish cell turnover. This facial, which uses products from Shiseido’s Future Solution LX anti- ageing range, delivers an intensive radiance and hydration boost to tired, splotchy and UV-damaged skin. It doesn’t hurt that the session is also an incredibly relaxing one that lets you drift into happy oblivion. The room and linen are scented with the fragrance of sakura, ume and Japanese rose. Two specially designed Imari porcelain tools are gently heated for the treatment – a massager for the face, neck, decolletage and upper arms, and a stone placed on the stomach to warm the body. During the massage, the therapist’s strokes are done in tandem with a unique soundtrack that includes natural sounds recorded at Japan’s Mount Koya. Bliss.

Shiseido Facial Studio, Level 4 Tangs at Tang Plaza, tel: 6737-4943


The Sloane Clinic Ultimate Eyelift Program $2,889 for six 60min sessions

This aims to lift and tighten saggy lids and droopy eyes, and to smooth crepey under-eye skin without surgery or lengthy downtime. Done over six sessions, each spaced three weeks apart, the treatment utilises the SmartX Lite skin renewal laser, delivered through a fractionated airbrush microspray that’s reportedly gentle on skin. Patients typically feel a warm, prickling sensation during the session. Downtime is said to be minimal, with some temporary flushing of the skin immediately after, and mild flaking for a few days. You can even apply makeup right after if necessary.

#03-14A Ion Orchard, tel: 6509-8108. Visit www.sloaneclinic.com for more information.


Lancome Youth Activating Treatment $150 for 60min, $220 for 90min

This is a facial based on one of Lancome’s best-selling products, Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum. The pre-serum booster has become a beauty essential for many women as it helps skin respond better to other products that follow, and is made to suit every age, skin type and routine. This facial combines use of the serum with ultrasound technology, which reportedly maximises cell metabolism so skin functions more effectively. The promised results: improved hydration, radiance and a smoother-looking visage with less- visible lines and pores.

Lancome Beauty Institute, Level 4 Tangs at Tang Plaza, tel: 6737-0095


Core Face Treatment $398 for 60min

To firm sagging skin around the facial contours, you can try non-invasive radio-frequency treatments such as this Core Face Treatment. Said to be suitable for all skin types, it delivers two radio frequencies (RFs) to promote collagen production in order to firm skin. The treatment begins with a cleanse and scrub, followed by face- steaming and comedone extraction. After the thorough cleansing, the RF part of the treatment begins – you may experience a warm sensation on your skin. After that, skincare is applied, and the session ends with a face and shoulder massage to help boost circulation and promote relaxation.

Beaute Hub, #B1-13/18 Cuppage Plaza, tel: 6735-6883