3 Things To Know About THREE

Modern women who believe in bringing out one’s natural beauty the holistic way will love new-to-town cult Japanese label THREE. Here’s why.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Modern women who believe in bringing out one’s natural beauty the holistic way will love new-to-town cult Japanese label THREE. Here’s why.

Oil, $68
for 200ml.
THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil, $68 for 200ml.
It believes in holistic beauty

For THREE, the secret to beauty lies in the perfect balance of body, mind and skin. Besides having a positive attitude, the brand believes that one should respect the gifts of nature, and embrace them.

This is why it searched all over the world for ingredients that have been farmed with care. No genetically modified components are used, and every product is free of artificial fragrances, colouring and parabens. Naturally, the brand is also against animal testing.

All these ingredients go into the extensive line-up that covers everything from head to toe: skincare, makeup, hair and body products – all meant to be a treat for the senses.

Take the AC body-care line, which promotes circulation. Herbal Bath Soap AC lathers into a rich foam that envelops one in a warm, relaxing aroma. Plus, the Singapore store is the first outside of Japan to offer THREE RHYTHM SPA, a customised face and body massage that is said to stimulate the body’s biological rhythm.

And true to the Japanese art of zen, all packaging design is minimalist and tastefully simple. What this means: It’ll also look good on your countertop.

Its skincare is packed with nourishing essential oils

In addition to botanical oils, botanical waters and plant extracts that promise to improve skin’s healing ability and overall health, all of THREE’s skincare is infused with essential oils. Using science and technology to get the most out of the natural ingredients it champions, the brand extracts these oils from plants in their concentrated form.

The Conditioning range, for example, has neroli oil to boost suppleness, while the AC body-care line boasts eucalyptus radiata oil to strengthen skin. Another key essential oil used by THREE: rose, which lends radiance and resilience, and is in the Aiming (anti-ageing) collection.

Meanwhile, at the heart of the brand’s hero product, Balancing Cleansing Oil ($68), is frankincense oil – also found in all Balancing products to improve moisture, elasticity and strength. With 88 per cent of its ingredients being naturally derived, the cleanser has been a multi-award winner since its 2010 debut. It also removes makeup and promises to heal skin damage over time.

Its makeup range is perfect for the modern, busy woman

Reflecting its holistic focus, THREE’s cosmetics range is meant to accentuate a woman’s own beauty effortlessly. Behind it is New Yorkbased Rie Omoto, THREE makeup’s global creative director, herself a cool, modern woman whose work includes plenty of globetrotting and the arts.

All of THREE’s base makeup products have organic botanical oils such as tea seed oil and the antioxidant-rich argan oil, so they care for skin while creating a vibrant, natural glow. One of the bestsellers is Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation (in 10 shades, $75 each), which also offers longlasting coverage because of a unique powder and oil technology.

On the colour front, sophisticated women will love the smooth, soothing textures that make blending a breeze, as well as the focus on lustrous translucency. Take Whisper Gloss For Eye (in 11 shades, $45 each), a moisturising eyeshadow gloss with a shimmery, pearlescent finish that adds depth and dimension. Or Velvet Lust Lipstick (in 19 shades, $48 each) – the velvety texture melts instantly into lips for an even, smooth finish that lasts, thanks to the addition of botanical oils.

THREE is available at Level 4 Tangs at Tang Plaza.