Face Therapies: Anti-ageing

Suitable for women in their mid-30s and above, these treatments target signs of ageing such as fine lines and sagging, and promise to plump and firm skin. Choose from natural remedies such as massages, or let the machines give you an extra boost. We’ve categorised them here just for you.

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Suitable for women in their mid-30s and above, these treatments target signs of ageing such as fine lines and sagging, and promise to plump and firm skin. Choose from natural remedies such as massages, or let the machines give you an extra boost. We’ve categorised them here just for you.

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BEST FIRMING FACIAL (massage-based)

EDITORS’ CHOICE AND READERS’ CHOICE: Timetreasure Renovating Treatment

($300 for 80min)

Get ready to feel extra pampered with double doses of facial massages, serums and masks from South Korean luxury skincare brand Sulwhasoo. The first facial massage kick-starts relaxation, and the second uses warm amber stones, along with an anti-ageing face moisturiser, to help firm skin and restore its elasticity. The brand’s First Care Activating Serum Ex helps improve skin’s absorption of subsequent skincare, while the Timetreasure Renovating Serum Ex works to enhance radiance. A brightening mask imparts a translucent glow, while a remodelling one is meant to give an all-round lifting effect. Not only did our skin appear firmer and suppler, we also left the spa feeling reinvigorated. 

Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge, #B2-02 Ion Orchard (tel: 6509-9979)

BEST FIRMING FACIAL (machine-based)


($642 for 90min)

This involves the use of a machine that generates suction pulses – a patented technology – to stimulate the production of collagen, which helps firm skin. The production of hyaluronic acid and elastin in skin cells is said to increase after just one session. The 30-minute machine-based session is weaved into the spa’s signature facial, where the therapist will analyse your skin condition before recommending the appropriate treatment (hydrating, anti-ageing or acne-targeting). Our tester’s wrinkles looked less obvious, and she found the shoulder and decolletage massage that followed very relaxing too.

Elements Wellness, #B1-30 Ion Orchard (tel: 6738-3788)

BEST LIFTING FACIAL (machine-based)

EDITORS’ CHOICE AND READERS’ CHOICE: Senze Renewal Proionic Facial

($480 for 90min)

A machine delivers radio-frequency waves into the skin to stimulate cell metabolism and circulation. The heat produced by the waves is also said to help the SK-II skincare penetrate deeper into skin, while a cold ball compress applied after that prevents skin from overheating. A massage (scalp, neck and shoulders) completes the pampering and relaxing experience. Post-treatment, our skin felt firmer and facial contours looked more lifted.

SK-II Boutique Spa, #02-06 Shaw Centre (tel: 6836-9168)

BEST LIFTING FACIAL (non-machine-based)

EDITORS’ CHOICE: Organic Lift Up And Firm Facial

(from $255 for 90min)

The use of acupressure and upward massage strokes boosts blood circulation, which in turn works to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Aside from the 30-minute facial massage, aromatic oils are used for the neck, shoulder and decolletage massage to relieve tension. A seaweed mask is then applied to pamper and revitalise the look of skin. Our eyes appeared less tired and the fine lines around them, less obvious, after the facial.

Organicsbeauty, #04-27 Delfi Orchard (tel: 6734-2224)

READERS’ CHOICE: Heavy Lifting Facial

($321 for 90min)

The treatment uses Doctor Babor skincare with active ingredients such as collagen-boosting peptides and hyaluronic acid. These are combined with an intensive 15-minute face massage to help firm and plump skin. Two masks are used: first, a cream mask that is said to boost skin regeneration, followed by a warm, face-sculpting Ultra Comfort Modelage Mask in the form of compress strips. These are layered over the face one at a time, and harden to enhance the lifting effect. Our tester reported tauter and smoother-looking skin after. 

Spa Esprit, #05-10 Paragon (tel: 6836-0500)


EDITORS’ CHOICE: Advanced Youth Booster

($268 for 60min)

Mature skin will benefit from this non-invasive treatment, where a handheld wand is used to deliver “cooling” technology to boost circulation, as well as stimulate collagen and elastin production. The wand also pumps nano-sized collagen essence into the deeper layers of skin to help improve firmness. After that, an enzyme mask is applied to remove dead skin cells. This is followed by a Nano Marine Collagen Mask, which is said to boost collagen production. Our skin appeared brighter and felt much firmer immediately afterwards.

Bellezza Aesthetics, #04-13  Wheelock Place (tel: 6223-2533)

EDITORS’ CHOICE: Thalion Youth Perfection

($280 for 90min)

The key element here is the highly concentrated marine peel treatment that exfoliates, removes impurities and boosts skin cell renewal to help reduce the look of fine lines. The serene setting of the spa (it reminded us of a forest shrine), combined with the pampering face, scalp, neck, shoulder, arm and foot massages, completed the experience and left us feeling rejuvenated in every sense. Twelve hours after the session, we were still reaping the benefits of the treatment – hydrated, clearer, smoother and more radiant-looking skin. 

St. Gregory Spa, Level 4 Pan Pacific Singapore (tel: 6826-8140)

READERS’ CHOICE: Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Treatment

($260 for 80min)

Jade rings aren’t just accessories that elevate your #OOTD. Here, they’re used as special applicators to massage the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream and Eye Cream into skin. This is said to balance your yin and yang energies to bring about skin renewal and a more lifted appearance. Next, Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum is applied using finger massage techniques (such as “twist pinching” and “pick up and lift” actions) to supposedly boost lymphatic drainage and firm skin, delivering an instant pick-me-up effect. The facial also includes an invigorating scalp-and-shoulder massage that made our tester feel completely relaxed.

Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge, #B2-02 Ion Orchard (tel: 6509-9979)


EDITORS’ CHOICE: Illumination Facial

($294.25 for 90min)

This facial uses products from Themae, a Parisian brand known for blending different types of teas that have strong antioxidant and skin-repairing properties with pure spring water. Post-treatment, our skin felt smooth and plump. Bonus points for the impeccable service and spa facilities, such as the Experience Shower and Aromatherapy Steam Bath. The post-treatment lounge has great city views yet doesn’t compromise on privacy – we took a nap there before leaving the spa. All that R&R completed the luxurious experience and contributed to the radiant glow we had afterwards.

Heavenly Spa by Westin, Level 35 The Westin Singapore (tel: 6922-6977)

READERS’ CHOICE: Harmonizen Regenerating Treatment

($340 for 80min)

Delivering extracts of danshen (a herb commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine) and red ginseng into skin using obsidian stone applicators, this treatment supposedly helps to repair skin’s structure and boost its regeneration. The session starts with a foot ritual to relieve fatigue, followed by the brand’s signature Sulwhajeong Facial Massage. Besides two face masks, decolletage, hand and scalp massages are included too – indulgent indeed.

Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge, #01-72/73 Capitol Building (tel: 6844-9766)