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So your gams are riddled with spider veins and blemishes, and your skin looks dull – no worries, our guide will have them looking red-carpet-worthy in no time. By CARINA KOH and JACLYN GUNASILAN

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So your gams are riddled with spider veins and blemishes, and your skin looks dull – no worries, our guide will have them looking red-carpet-worthy in no time. By CARINA KOH and JACLYN GUNASILAN

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Blemishes and dullness don't just affect your complexion; the skin on your legs could be marred by them too. So treat your gams to some TLC with these pampering products or a salon treatment.

Keep dullness at bay by buffing the skin with an exfoliating scrub. The Body Shop Spa of the World African Ximenia Scrub ($55.90) is rich, creamy and infused with ximenia oil (the ximenia plant is a small South African shrub). The oil softens skin, and the grains in the scrub are fine and non-abrasive – perfect for super-sensitive skin.

A brightening in-shower conditioner like Nivea In-shower Whitening Skin Conditioner ($10.90) isn’t just a moisturising treat; it also evens out skin tone and lightens blemishes. The best part? It’s so convenient – just apply it on the body a la soap, then rinse it off like you would a hair conditioner.

To make your legs feel silky smooth, finish with a creamy moisturiser infused with botanical oils. Estelle & Thild Fresh Water Lily Body Lotion ($33) glides on smoothly and leaves our legs feeling well hydrated, thanks to its blend of shea butter and jojoba oil. Go for this if you’re big on fragrance – we love its fruity-floral scent of blackcurrants and lilies.

The Body Shop Spa of the World African Ximenia Scrub, $55.90.
The Body Shop Spa of the World African Ximenia Scrub, $55.90.
Nivea In-shower Whitening Skin Conditioner, $10.90.
Nivea In-shower Whitening Skin Conditioner, $10.90.
Estelle & Thild Fresh Water Lily Body Lotion, $33.
Estelle & Thild Fresh Water Lily Body Lotion, $33.

Don’t feel like going the DIY route? Book an appointment at Hands + Feet Studio and treat yourself to its OP (Organic Potato) Treatment ($78 for a pedicure). This unusual treatment involves sloughing off dead skin cells with a sea salt scrub before a thick layer of freshly whipped organic potato is slathered onto your legs. Sounds strange, but this velvety concoction supposedly has brightening benefits. Our legs not only felt silkier, but also looked at least a shade brighter.

Hands + Feet Studio is at 44 Siglap Drive (tel: 6448-7187)

Photo of model corbis
Photo of model corbis

Don’t throw out that miniskirt just yet – imperfections such as raised scars and spider veins can be tackled with these options.

These unsightly blood vessels near the surface of the skin come about due to factors such as genetics and a build-up of pressure in the veins caused by prolonged sitting or standing. Venetrim Vein Reducing Gel ($99) is formulated with natural ingredients, such as horse chestnut extract, that supposedly strengthen the walls of the blood vessels to prevent them from enlarging – the reason why spider veins appear in the first place! Another perk: The gel leaves a cooling sensation on the skin, courtesy of the anti-inflammatory witch hazel, which reduces swelling, in its formula. Remescar Spider Veins ($40) cream doesn’t just reportedly repair damaged vein tissues with phospholipids (lipids that support healthy cell function) but also forms a shield” over the skin to prevent further damage to blood vessels.

Ever wondered why blemishes on your legs take a longer time to heal? Well, it turns out that poor circulation is the culprit (this is true for your arms too!). To get rid of pesky blemishes such as raised scars, try a silicone gel. Here’s why: Silicone has double the benefits – it protects the scar, allowing it to heal properly, while hydrating the skin. Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel ($33) is our choice pick on account of its comfortable texture. Unlike other silicone products, which tend to feel sticky on the skin, this dries within minutes. It also faded a burn mark after two months of daily use.

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1. Stretch your legs every hour or so if you have a desk-bound job. Why? Staying in the same position for hours can result in poor blood circulation, particularly in the limbs. Also, try to rest your feet on a footstool – this will help prevent poor blood circulation.

2. Do simple exercises at home to improve blood flow, such as raising your legs for a few minutes while lying flat on your back.

3. Wear compression stockings. Sure, they aren’t the most attractive things, but they do help improve blood flow, soothe aching leg muscles and prevent (more) spider veins from forming.

Photography Zaphs Zhang styling Sherli Chong
Photography Zaphs Zhang styling Sherli Chong

Need Beyonce-esque legs in under 10 minutes? These body foundations and shimmery lotions will do the job.

1. Nars Body Glow, $85. Apply this oil on damp skin straight after your shower to boost absorption. It leaves a sheer shimmer that makes dull skin look like it’s been scrubbed and hydrated to perfection. If you’ve got pale to light skin, this will give your legs a bronzy glow, so apply it with a light hand.

2. M.A.C Studio Face and Body Foundation, $54. This won’t cover dark birthmarks or bruises; we use it for evening out red, splotchy skin. The sheer finish can be built up gradually and it has a super-watery formula that’s easy to blend.

3. Make Up For Ever Face & Body foundation, $72. Conceal minor scars and blemishes (such as pesky mosquito bites) with this foundation that has a semi-matte finish. We love that its formula has quite a bit of slip – this makes application a breeze. Plus point: It’s water-resistant, so it’s perfect for faking the appearance of flawless legs on a beach holiday.

4. Urban Decay Naked Skin Body Beauty Balm, $46. Our absolute must-have for evening events, this shimmery balm leaves a gorgeous sheen on skin that’s to die for. Plus, light-diffusing particles blur imperfections and leave legs looking velvety-smooth. If you’ve got really dry skin, mix this into your regular body lotion to make it glide on more smoothly.

1. Exfoliate and moisturise your legs or the area(s) you want to conceal, so you have a smooth canvas to work on.
2. Apply the foundation using a sponge or a brush. For natural-looking coverage, remember to blend, blend, blend – you don’t want an awkward patch on your legs.
3. Wait a few minutes for the foundation to dry, then blot lightly with a tissue – this will prevent it from rubbing off on your clothes. Finish with translucent setting powder.