The Women Of 2018

Meet Ng Ling Ling and Olivia Lee.

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Meet Ng Ling Ling and Olivia Lee. One was Singapore’s chief fundraiser until June 2018. The other is an up-and-coming industrial designer.

They are this year’s Her World Woman of the Year and Her World Young Woman Achiever respectively. They are on top of their game, doing it with passion, style and grace. And doing it to great acclaim.

Ling Ling, who was Comchest’s managing director, worked together with her team to increase Comchest’s donations from an average of $40 million to $50 million annually in her time there. Not only is she good at what she does, she’s also credited for building a culture of care within the organisation. That rare quality makes all who work for her love her. You see her staff  braving the blazing heat in the picture above? They wanted to surprise her by being a part of her photo shoot for our story.

Olivia takes comfort in discomfort. It’s given her a certain empathy in her work – and made her an international rising star in the design world, feted as a talent to watch.

What binds these two winners together: They believe in what they do. They push on. And they push us to want to do more.
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"Above left: Ng Ling Ling, Comchest’s managing director until June 2018. Above right: Industrial designer Olivia Lee. "