Give dull skin a renewed appearance with this targeted laser treatment.

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"Give dull skin a renewed appearance with this targeted laser treatment."

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When you have hyperpigmentation, patches of skin appear darker due to an overproduction of melanin, so the skin looks dull as it doesn’t reflect light so easily. If you also have enlarged pores and pimples that cause an uneven skin surface, your complexion will certainly look less than radiant.

Designed to target these skin woes, Almalase Laser Facial ($288 for 30min) uses laser microbeams to break up melanin clusters and kill pimple-causing bacteria. The treatment also uses red light therapy that’s said to boost collagen production in the dermis. 

This is meant to result in plumped-up skin which makes pores and wrinkles less obvious. 

Each session starts with cleansing and the application of a cool gel. Then, during the laser treatment, you may feel a warm, prickling sensation. Skincare and sun protection are the final step. Some post-treatment redness is normal. 

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