In her latest role as a global beauty ambassador for Giorgio Armani Beauty, Cate Blanchett comes full circle as the reigning face of the new Sì fragrance, Sì Passione. By Dana Koh

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An immersive garden of passion at the launch of Sì Passione in Shanghai

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The brand’s
vanity-filled event
The brand’s vanity-filled event space
Sì Passione. 
Cate Blanchett
Sì Passione. Cate Blanchett
“An irresistible combination of grace, strength and independence of spirit” was how Giorgio Armani described the Sì fragrance when it was launched in 2013. The woman who encapsulated all of that as its face? Cate Blanchett. Her authenticity, veracity and innate ability to embody any role made her the ultimate embodiment of Sì and, since then, she has only become even more multi-faceted.
In the past year alone, the Australian actress has been a good witch, a python seer and a badass jewellery thief, on top of her real-life roles as a mother, theatre director, advocate and jury president of the 71 st Cannes Film Festival. She has also broadened her role at Giorgio Armani Beauty, now representing fragrance, skincare and makeup as the brand’s first global beauty ambassador—a timely evolution as Sì reveals a new, powerful reinvention of its own: Sì Passione.
Dressed in signature Armani red, this floral-fruity scent bursts with juicy pear and blackcurrant, sensual rose and woody vanilla, a bold and bright concoction fashioned with the woman who fearlessly says “yes” in mind. Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore caught up with Cate Blanchett at Sì Passione’s crimson fête in Shanghai for more about the fragrance and the woman:
Fragrance is… An intimate expression of self—one’s desires, dreams and memories. It’s an invitation. Personally, a scent can change my mood, lift my spirits and propel me into the day in an exciting way.
What I gravitate to in Sì Passione is… The deep sensual notes, and its delicate complexity. It makes me feel adventurous and, perhaps most importantly, makes me feel like myself. I am passionate… About my family, moments of genuine intimacy and,on a big scale, the preservation of the natural world!
I am a passionate person in general. There is so much I yet crave to experience.
Not many people know about… My passion for gardening, ceramics and my game of pool!
Giorgio Armani’s vision… Together with his strength and depth are the reasons all the elements of the Armani brand are so interwoven—across fashion, beauty, fragrance, Armani/Casa and even Armani/Silos in Milan. He is not only inside all the creative decisions, his sense of curiosity and aesthetic exploration remains undiminished.
The Armani woman is… Full of confidence and grace. She is adventurous in spirit and passionate about life. I can but strive to be this!
Success… Can never be guaranteed—it’s outside of our control. So to be honest, I’ve never focused on it. It’s lovely when and if it happens, but one doesn’t learn much from success. I think I’ve rather focused on the journey, the process. Longevity has been of interest to me. I guess it helps to remain curious and know an opportunity when it comes your way, no matter how small it may seem. And hard work. A lot of it is about application, and realising you are never too old or experienced to learn new tricks.