Synonymous with high fashion and fine art, Joyce Cheo discovers another facet of the City of Light - through the most lavish spa retreats the French capital has to offer.

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Synonymous with high fashion and fineart, Joyce Cheo discovers another facet of the City of Light - through the most lavish spa retreats the French capital has to offer.

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WHERE Ritz Paris MUST-TRY Le Grand Soin, from about $800 for 120 minutes
WHAT IT IS As the only Chanel spa in the world, this one-of-a-kind outpost pays homage to Gabrielle Chanel’s personal approach towards beauty, which went beyond superficial appearances. “People talk about physical care: But where is the moral care? Beauty treatments should begin with the heart and the soul, otherwise cosmetics are pointless,” said Mademoiselle Chanel. The ultimate rejuvenation experience on offer at Chanel Au Ritz Paris, your Le Grand Soin experience begins with a thorough conversation—not at all like a runofthe-mill consultation—with your treatment designer, who guides you through a series of detailed topics to find out your concerns and lifestyle before customising the treatment protocol to address your specific needs. The lavish treatment suite features lacquer walls in true Chanel fashion, and is set against a soundandlight design synchronised to your body’s natural biorhythm. Throw in other special touches like plush pillows, silky-soft sheets and ergonomic beds into the mix, and you get a sure-win formula to lull your body and mind into deep relaxation. Your skin is first deeply cleansed and exfoliated before your treatment designer applies a combination of specialised techniques, like effleurage, pressure points and gentle micro-movements to tune the body back to harmony. Deeply anchored in fasciatherapy, Le Massage de Chanel (the signature Chanel massage technique) focuses on soothing the fasciae, the fine membranes that surround and protect your muscles and joints. Feel your worries and tension melt away with each carefully selected touch. An exclusive collagen mask is then used to plump and hydrate skin before a slew of personalised Chanel products are applied so you emerge recharged and revived. ALSO LOOK OUT FOR The makeup session that gets you prettied up while you sip on one of four specially blended beauty cocktails that will nourish you from the inside out. Perfect for hitting the town straight after. INSIDER TIP Gabrielle Chanel herself lived at the Ritz Paris for over three decades. For a complete Chanel experience, why not stay at the Coco Chanel suite? Decked out in her signature beige and black, the sprawling suite reflects her love for gilded mirrors and Asian lacquer, while offering unparalleled views of Place Vendôme.
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