The most gentle and enveloping solutions to keep inflammation at bay for a healthier scalp and hair.

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The most gentle and enveloping solutions to keep inflammation at bay for a healthier scalp and hair.

Your scalp, like the skin on your face, is susceptible to a whole host of issues and concerns. And, no thanks to our ever-changing climate and ever-increasing levels of pollution, it’s inevitable that your scalp becomes more prone to flare-ups. Factors like fluctuating temperatures, more pollutant particles in the air, insufficient sleep and an unbalanced diet can all disrupt the scalp’s equilibrium, causing you to suffer from discomforts such as itching, soreness, breakouts or even bleeding. If you're in need of instant relief, schedule a calming treatment immediately and follow up with products that will help keep your scalp condition in check, reducing the recurrence of any flare-ups.


Best Sensitive Scalp Treatment

Davines NaturalTech Calming Treatment, $161 for 30 minutes, Little 2 Bosses

Formulated to calm inflammation and improve scalp condition, this uses a sequence of soothing and strengthening botanicals that leave scalp feeling refreshed; hair becomes softer, shinier and bouncier as well. Visit

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Best Soothing Treatment

Sensitive Relaxing Treatment, $39.90 for 300ml, The Hair Mother Cellar

Containing the super soothing Portulaca Oleracea extract, this instantly relieves signs of sensitive scalps such as redness, breakouts, itching or bleeding.

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Best Organic Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp

Tea Tree Shampoo, $44 for 400ml, O’Right

Formulated with tea tree oil and certified organic foaming agents, its anti-bacterial properties calm and refresh scalp in just one wash.

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Best Soothing Shampoo

Shampooing Apaisant, $38 for 200ml, Secret Professionnel

Suitable for irritation-prone scalps, this detergent-free shampoo improves the scalp’s barrier function while calming itchiness, redness and flaking.

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Best Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp

Calm Shampoo, $36 for 250ml, Kinactif

This shampoo soothes, normalises and hydrates while gently cleansing sensitive scalps with its pH-balanced formula to help keep common scalp problems like itchiness and dryness at bay.

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Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Scalp Purifying Pyrithione Zinc Dandruff Shampoo, $41 for 250ml, Kiehl’s

A healthy scalp is vital to healthy hair. Pyrithione zinc inhibits the proliferation of dandruff -causing fungus and relieves itching while rosemary oil strengthens the scalp.