A boy band member on the cover of BAZAAR Man?

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A boy band member on the cover of BAZAAR Man?

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Not someone you would automatically associate considering we’ve had politicians, movie makers, movie artists and sportsmen on our covers before. But let’s consider this: Nick Jonas, of Jonas brothers fame, is a young who has risen out of his siblings’ shadows to become own success story—both as a singer and an actor. He has taken on difficult, controversial roles (even that of a gay character that most young, hunky Hollywood actors would shun for fear of alienating their female fan base), making a name for himself as a serious method actor. He also sings a fine tune and dances well... Really Not bad for a 23-year-old.

This issue of BAZAAR Man focuses on men passion—whether it’s about fitness, music, charity aesthetic medicine. Passion is what makes a man attractive; someone who is driven by a goal to be the best in his field. Take veteran star and director with 92 movies to his name, Antonio Banderas.

Banderas left Tinseltown for a bit to become a student again; attending lectures and perfecting his pattern-making skills at London’s Central Saint Martins in order to hone his knowledge and understanding of menswear fashion. He proves one is never too old to learn a craft—now, how sexy is that?

But back to Nick and the question of why he is on our cover: Just look at his Instagram following. Over six million adoring fans want to see his every move. All in, I think he makes a choice cover star. Plus wouldn’t you want to know the moment when Nick felt he became a man? He tells all in frank chat with BAZAAR Singapore on page 16.

Also in this issue, we explore the spring/summer trends that are hitting the runways. Fashion has relaxed a whole lot and allowed guys to breathe a little (phew!) as print, Orientalism and a little retro rock ’n’ roll have come back into the sartorial vernacular.

Turn the pages, I think you’ll be mighty impressed.
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