Model mother and daughter duo Wendy Jacobs and Iman Fandi offer a sneak peek into their special bond.

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Hey, look! It’s the Fandis in Fendi!” quips Iman Fandi, the 19-year-old only daughter of local soccer legend Fandi Ahmad and his supermodel wife, Wendy Jacobs, 44. Jacobs flashes a smile at her daughter, proud of her stunning offspring who possesses the grace, stature and intriguing good looks of her part Malay, part South African heritage, as well as the fact that Iman has followed in her footsteps to become one of Singapore’s most popular models. Iman graced the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore two years back (flanked by her equally handsome brothers, Irfan and Ikhsan) and continues to make waves as a fitspo model and influencer with major fashion and beauty brands. Here, BAZAAR talks to the dynamic mother-daughter duo on what makes their relationship so special, and how bonds are formed beyond good looks and a blessed genetic pool.

Tell us about your relationship.

Wendy Jacobs: When she was younger, Iman was very shy and kept to herself. I was afraid that she and I wouldn’t have that special mother-daughter bond. But I’m so glad that that phase has passed; we hang out and talk about everything now. I am happy and grateful that she’s in my life.

Iman Fandi: Being the only women in the family and working in the same industry, my mother and I are pretty close. We do girly things like getting our nails and hair done, go shopping, attend events together. Sometimes, she feels more like a big sister.

Use three words to describe each other.

Wendy: Dedicated, professional, goofy.

Iman: Strong, loving, adaptable.

In modelling and life, what are some of the most important things you’ve learned from her?

Wendy: The industry has evolved tremendously from when I first started. For social media and the fast-paced digital realm, I rely on Iman to guide me and help me with anything I’m not familiar with. That said, some principles stay the same: discipline, punctuality, appreciation and professionalism.

Iman: My mother has always taught me to respect everyone on set, no matter what their title, and to be professional at all times. Coming from a different generation of models, she taught me how the industry used to work and instilled some aspects of the “old school” approach in me. The modelling industry is competitive and ever-changing; we’ve got to adapt and reinvent ourselves constantly, but still remain true to ourselves.

How would you describe each other’s style?

Wendy: Unlike me, who prefers matching sets, Iman is very versatile and is able to put stylish ensembles together effortlessly— she even looks good at the gym!

Iman: Her style is chic, timeless, comfortable. We are very different yet similar at the same time. Growing up, I’ve seen her use pink and red lipsticks, and now I find myself trying out the same colours too. We both like experimenting with new styles; I don’t limit myself to certain trends. I think I got that from her. I love borrowing her shoes as she’s got a great collection of boots and heels.

On the subject of great accessories, you both carry the Fendi Peekaboo. Complete the sentence: the Fendi Peekaboo is...

Wendy: ...the perfect everyday bag!

Iman: ...equal parts stylish and versatile. While the large version is great for busy days, I’d wear the mini version as a cross-body bag for a hands-free day out in town.

How did this shoot go?

Wendy: We had a great time! There were lots of smiles and laughter. I loved that we could just be ourselves.

Iman: I have not done a shoot with my mother for a while now, so it was really fun to have the opportunity again. We both have quite similar working habits, so it was quick, easy and comfortable.
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On Wendy: Cotton blazer and matching pants; suede Mini Peekaboo bag. On Iman: Leather jacket and matching pants; leather Peekaboo bag
OPPOSITE: On Wendy: Cotton blazer; cotton t-shirt; silk skirt; Karligraphy boots; leather Peekaboo bag.
On Iman: Silk shirt and matching skirt; leather boots; leather Peekaboo bag.

All clothes and accessories worn throughout the shoot are by Fendi

Text and styling by Gracia Phang. 
Photographed by Brendan Zhang