Achieve the ideal makeup canvas with RMK’s secrets to a natural-looking complexion.

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Achieve the ideal makeup canvas with RMK’s secrets to a natural-looking complexion.

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Professional photographers use sophisticated lighting techniques to lend a luminous glow to models’ skin. Now imagine if you could recreate that radiance wherever you go. Introducing RMK’s Creamy Polished Base N, a makeup primer that contains three different powder particles to create a perfectly smooth and even surface. Royal jelly and hyaluronic acid are potent skin hydrators that help to lock moisture in so your base makeup looks fresher for longer, while rosemary extract helps to tighten open pores. Available in three shades, finding your personal skin-matching ring light is as effortless as wearing it.


Getting that immaculate finish requires a foundation that not only provides enough coverage to blur out blemishes and open pores, yet also lets the natural complexion shine through for a “no-makeup” effect. RMK’s Gel Creamy Foundation nails it by combining the benefits of both gel and cream foundations. It boasts the translucency of a gel with the flattering coverage of a cream. Royal jelly and hyaluronic acid intensively hydrate and help it adhere closely to the skin, alongside an ultra-airy powder to absorb excess sebum for long-lasting perfection.


A radiant, even-toned complexion is within reach with RMK’s Basic Control Color. Available in four different shades to target a multitude of discolourations, the lightweight and silky texture also helps smooth skin surface. Designed to counter redness, the Basic Control Color #03 Green features a slight green tint to cancel out redness for those who are prone to looking flushed. In addition, try #01 Silver for added luminosity, #02 Purple to correct sallowness or #04 Coral for a healthy, rosy glow that flatters all skin tones.