Make scalp discomfort a thing of the past with these gentle and restorative fixes.

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Make scalp discomfort a thing of the past with these gentle and restorative fixes.

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Similar to the skin on the rest of your body, fluctuations in temperature and prolonged use of harsh shampoos that strip away the scalp’s moisture barrier can result in a sensitive scalp—of which symptoms include tightness, itching and redness. To alleviate the problem, try Kérastase’s Spécifique Cure Apaisante, a set of vials that soothe, hydrate and strengthen scalp with a blend of fatty acids and amino acids. Be sure to also avoid.


1. Best Conditioner for Sensitive Scalp

Intensive Moisture Care Hair Conditioner, $9.80 for 200ml, Curel

Lightweight and non-greasy, this is designed to hydrate locks while treating the scalp. Plus, it is formulated without harsh chemicals like artificial fragrances and colourants that can cause sensitive scalps to flare up.

2. Best Soothing

Scalp Tonic Spécifi que Cure Apaisante, $60 for 12 x 6ml, Kérastase

Each vial contains proprietary ingredients like rhamnose and PS 21, which relieve scalp of discomfort, making this ideal for targeting any signs of redness, itching or stinging. It also hydrates, supports cell regeneration and boasts  antioxidant properties so skin becomes more supple and resilient against pollution particles.

3. Best Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp

Lipokerine E Shampoo, $35 for 250ml, La Biosthetique

This ultra-mild formula contains panthenol and amino acids to soothe redness and itchiness, accelerate skin healing and strengthen scalp’s barrier function.

4. Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Phytosquam Intense, $49.90 for 100ml, Phyto

As one of the first brands to use a high concentration of plant extracts in haircare products, this formula is almost 95 percent natural, keeping potentially hazardous chemicals to a minimum. In addition, it can be used as both a shampoo or a treatment to strengthen the skin barrier and keep dandruff-causing bacteria at bay for healthy, dandruff-free hair and scalp. 


Best Treatment for Sensitive Scalp

Renewal Light Therapy, $185 for 60 minutes, Salon Vim

We loved that the low-frequency lasers, intense pulse light and micro-electric current felt super gentle, while calming inflammation and strengthening the scalp against pollutants and environmental aggressors.