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Step forward boldly with a new look and smile with lush aesthetics .

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Step forward boldly with a new look and smile with lush aesthetics .

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Looking your best does not have to be a chore. Sometimes, all you need is the right partner who knows your beauty needs. With LUSH Aesthetics, which offers beauty services that incorporate CE-certified and FDA-approved technology, you can look your best at every occasion. Here are some treatments to consider:

The LED Teeth Whitening - a one-hour treatment where non-peroxide whitening gel is applied to the teeth and activated with an LED light. Teeth are said to appear five shades lighter and the results can supposedly last for years. It is suitable for sensitive teeth too.

The Laser Face Treatment by AlmaLASE may primarily be for acne, open pores and pigmentation, but it also targets dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment uses laser micro-beams and in-motion technology to help minimise the appearance of imperfections and blemishes, so you can have bright, glowing skin.

For love handles, and flabby arms and thighs, consider the Fat Freezing Non-Surgical Liposuction. The vacuum action mechanism of the treatment is said to isolate the fat cells and stimulate cell metabolism. Cooling plates are then applied to supposedly freeze these fat cells and get rid of them, helping you achieve the body you have always wanted.

LUSH Aesthetics is at #06-11 Tanglin Shopping Centre, tel: 6737-4964. For more information, visit and


Try the led teeth whitening at $99 (U.P. $599), laser face treatment at $60 for three sessions (U.P. $999), fat freezing non-surgical liposuction at $98 for one session (U.P. $1,499) or $188 for two sessions (U.P. $2,999). Terms and conditions apply. For more information, visit www.Lushaesthetics.Com.Sg/sph-gss-2015-promo.Html.