They’re some of today’s most ardent – and outstanding – consumers of fashion who are shaping retail tastes and habits. Here, our (tongue-in-cheek) anthropological study.

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They’re some of today’s most ardent – and outstanding – consumers of fashion who are shaping retail tastes and habits. Here, our (tongue-in-cheek) anthropological study.

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From left: Shie Yar in wool jacket, Burberry. Sybil in wool blouson, matching wrap skirt, and flannel booties, Balenciaga. Melissa in cotton shirt and wool turtleneck top, Prada, and corduroy jeans and leather belt, Gucci, All other items, their own 


THE LOOK: Anything pre-loved or vintage (preferred decades: the ’70s and ’80s) pulled off with anything-goes, art- school-style irreverence. Think clashing colours and patterns, complete with retro accessories – the kitschier, the better.

THE ICON: Fashion stylist Lotta Volkova, post-punk-inspired purveyor of ironic chic.

THE DEMOGRAPHIC: Mostly creative folks, such as professional dancers Lee Shie Yar (left) and Melissa Lim (right), who grew up in the early 2000s (which explains their ’80s obsession). Sybil Teo (middle) is a real estate researcher.

FASHION HAUNTS: Any thrift or pre-loved store, and the Salvation Army.

FASHION MUST- HAVES: A good Hawaiian or baroque printed silk shirt, a “tacky” sweater, and anything that gives the impression that you’ve raided your grandad’s wardrobe (corduroy, patterned knits etc).

PRIZED POSSESSION: Designer goods from the ’80s that were either gotten for a steal, or handed down from mum. 

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Clockwise from left: Fahim in nylon parka, Gucci. Clara in wool tracksuit, Gucci. Calista in silk kimono robe, Christian Dada. All other items, their own. (Opposite) From left: Calista in leather jacket, and Heron Preston cotton cargo pants, Surrender. Clara in nylon blouson, Burberry, and viscose-blend top and wool pants, Off-White. All other items, their own 

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THE LOOK: A cross between a rapper and the most pulled together version of an A-list reality TV star on a coffee run (read: plenty of urban swagger).

THE DEMOGRAPHIC: Young millennials weened on social media like students Calista Cuaca (above left), 19, and Clara Hong (above middle), 21, as well as personal shopper Muhammad Fahim, 27 – reportedly Singapore’s #1 Supreme collector. (FYI, the girls are referred to as “baes” and the boys, “beasts”.)

BEST PLACE TO SPOT THEM: The streetwear section at Dover Street Market Singapore, Off-White and Surrender, and the launch of any collectible sneaker or designer x streetwear collab.

FASHION MUST-HAVES: Slogan tees, oversized hoodies, cropped tops, designer sneakers, Supreme


MOST LIKELY TO SAY: “Hype killa” to describe someone whom they think dresses “dope”, and “swaggot” to describe poseurs. 

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Stephanie (left) in Faith Connexion tweed shirt, Surrender, and leather belt, Gucci. Carol (far right) in polyester dress, Pleats Please Issey Miyake. All other items, their own.


THE LOOK: Anti-kawaii, slow life- inspired Japanese fashion that gives one the appearance of an artist/carpenter/ someone who leads a bucolic life. Also, only neutral colours, please.

FASHION HEROES: Rei Kawakubo (duh) and Hiroki Nakamura, founder of Visvim.

THE DEMOGRAPHIC: Defined not so much by age or occupation, but the belief that everything cool hails from the Land of The Rising Sun. Here we have (from left) gallery manager Stephanie Hsueh, IT specialist George Lee, senior sales engineer Chan Chee Young, and HR adviser Carol Minyt.

MOST LIKELY TO BE SEEN AT: Muji, Aesop, lifestyle boutiques Atomi and Supplies & Company, and hair salon Kizuki+Lim.

FASHION MUST-HAVES: Anti-maximalist staples with thoughtful details from the likes of Comme des Garcons and Y’s. Engineered Garments, Beams Plus, Kapital and Orslow are their go-to labels for casual wear. 

Styling Imran Jalal

Photography Vee Chin

Styling Assistant Christabel Teo

Hair Miho Kimura/Itto+Lim Salon & Christvian Goh, using Kevin Murphy

Makeup Benedict Choo, using Urban Decay & Priscelia Wong Ying Cui, using Motives Cosmetics