We ask Swatch’s creative director, Carlo Giordanetti.

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We ask Swatch’s creative director, Carlo Giordanetti. 

What are some major watch trends coming up?

It’s very interesting now. The younger generation is, in a way, coming back to watches. We’re seeing them start with plain but beautiful watches—very simple, not overly-designed, very pure, with beautiful colours. 

The next major trend is customisation. It’s big in fashion and even other markets, from shoes to bags to cars. We just launched ‘Swatch X You Canvas’ in Europe. Basically, you pick a canvas you like, and you get to choose the spot on the canvas you want your watch to be made of. This way, you get your own very unique design. By the way, this feature will be available in Asia early this year. 

What tips do you have for our readers who are looking to buy a watch? 

I always give the same advice whether it’s to a woman in her twenties or a man in his fifties —when you buy a watch, you should follow your heart. A watch is an object that has an incredible emotional power. It’s very attached to your body, it’s very close you. You see the watch even when you’re not trying to tell the time. It’s an object that has to be the mirror of your personality. 

What’s the biggest mistake you see people making when they buy a watch?

Oooh, good question. The biggest mistake is trying too hard. Like, when people buy a watch to show off, because they want to show a message, which is about money. 

Sometimes, we make that mistake. Maybe we buy a bag from a brand that’s very hot; we don’t necessarily like it, but it’s the brand and the bag to have. Or a person may buy a car not because it’s beautiful, but because it’s the last one. 

In general, when you buy a watch, you should follow your instinct more than trying to be in other people’s faces. This way, you’ll always have a truer story to tell because it will be a mirror of who you are, not who you want to be. 

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